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May 27, 2024, 8:35 am UTC

3152738119 | Government Grant Application

Garden Water Ring | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 3152738119

    Location: Oneida, NY, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    1. Executive Summary Garden Water Ring (GWR) aims to vastly increase garden production by providing a strong and secure water vessel that will hold water directly to your garden plant, this process will enable your growing plant to create and secure a deep strong root base that will allow your plant to thrive during your growing season, all while saving wasteful water runoff, that is often done during the plant watering process. The company's mission is to empower communities to reduce food scarcity and promote a healthy lifestyle by offering locally produced fresh organic produce. Our target market consists of urban dwellers, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and local government organizations seeking to establish sustainable urban farming initiatives. GWR has developed an extensive marketing and sales strategy to generate awareness, engage customers and promote sales. The company is seeking $100,000 in funding to finance its initial startup including acquisition of equipment and the implementation of a robust marketing campaign. GWR projects steady growth and profitability within three years. 2. Company Description GWR is a startup company that specializes in providing a gardening solution that is designed to significantly increase nation-wide garden plant growth all while saving water, GWR prevents wasteful water runoff especially in those drought prone areas that obtain water limits & restrictions. We will be providing video training sessions to increase garden growth along with a friendly and useful interactive website for customers to share their year over year garden pictures with family and friends. 3. Market Analysis Industry Overview: The global urban farming market is growing exponentially driven by increasing urbanization environmental concerns and the demand for local organic produce. GWR Urban gardening is expected to see the highest growth due to its water and space efficiency. Target Market: Our target customers include: · 42 million US Urban households growing vegetables · Garden Nurseries · Farm to table Restaurants and Supermarkets · Schools and Universities · Local governments and organizations Competitor analysis: GWR doesn't have competitors as far as its size and structure and there are similar products that are designed and set up to grow large trees. Our competitive edge will be ease of use, with simple training videos and our endless commitment to customer service. 4. Marketing and Sales Strategy Marketing Strategy: · Develop and engage informative website and active social media presence. · Established partnerships with local garden nurseries promote our products. · Host educational workshops and seminars on urban farming. · Endlessly educate customers on all GWR features & Benefits. Sales Strategy: · Build a strong and efficient sales platform to maximize and promote GWR using social media, Google, Facebook and Amazon · Attend every possible trade show. · GWR website will be interactive with customers showing zip codes and promoting their gardens. · GWR web-site will collect zip codes for when & where purchases were made. · Promote You-tube videos showing GWR features and benefits. 5. Operation and Management Structure CEO Richard J. Gauthier 6. Product or Service line: · Creates deep root zone for large plant growth · Water retention to your specific plant · Prevents & controls wasteful water run-off · Saves water all garden season long · Keeps water centralized all while limiting unnecessary weed growth · Keep your fertilizer feeding in a secure area. · Keeps plant roots well-hydrated · Saves water during drought season · Saves water and promotes root growth, even if your garden area has a small slope/angle · Helps eliminate water evaporation. · Saves time with watering Plant Growth and production: · Enhance and pro-long your growing season · Promote strong plant growth · Increase garden production Product description · Made with Safe plastic material for Outdoor Gardens · Made with 100% Pure Virgin Plastic · Manufactured in the USA · Color: Dark Rich Forest Green · Water-tight locking seal · GWR is designed to withstand extreme weather, summer heat and winter storage. · Strong & Flexible · Maintains a complete circle when put together. · Light weight for shipping · 10-inch circle, 6-inch high · Two-12-inch holding spikes. 7. Financial Projections Year 1: Revenue: $50,000 Expenses: $75,000 Net Los: $25,000 Year 2: Revenue: $100,000 Expenses: $40,000 Net Profit: $60,000 Year 3: Revenue: $150,000 Expenses: $40,000 Net Profit: $110,000 8. Funding Request GWR is requesting $100,000 line of credit to fiancé the following: Stainless Steel Mold: $40,000 Inventory: $10,000 Web-site development: $15,000 Marketing and promotional activities $20,000 Research & development $15,000

  • Business Plan

    My web-site will be fully functional with social media help with all necessary videos that will also be listed on YouTube. Amazon, google, Facebook I will be fully vested in devoting 100% of my time to make business a success, I will start with local social media, garden nurseries and listed vidios showing the ease of using teh Garden Water Ring.

  • Self Identified Competition

    I have only one competitor and their product is much larger than mine designed to help grow trees not garden vegetables. Flexible for storage and Year over year usage

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