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May 27, 2024, 3:57 am UTC

202301201656534 | Government Grant Application

El Cajon de Arauca Agritainment Ranch LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 202301201656534

    Location: shirley, In, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    Budget Proposal for El Cajón de Arauca Agritainment Ranch Project 1. Construction of Stables: o Pole barn-style stables for 12 horses (3900 square feet)  Estimated cost: 3900 square feet × $40/square foot = $156,000 2. Training Round Pen: o 60-foot diameter round pen for horse training  Estimated cost: $5,000 3. Four-Pen Pole Barn Stable: o Pole barn-style stable with four pens (1500 square feet)  Estimated cost: 1500 square feet × $40/square foot = $60,000 4. Playground Area: o 4300 square feet area including equipment, surfacing, and installation  Estimated cost: $50,000 5. Pathways and Common Area Enhancement: o Improvements in pathways and common areas  Estimated cost: $10,000 Total Budget: • Stables: $156,000 • Training Round Pen: $5,000 • Four-Pen Pole Barn Stable: $60,000 • Playground Area: $50,000 • Pathways and Common Area Enhancement: $10,000 Overall Project Cost: $281,000 This budget outlines the estimated expenses for each aspect of the project. It is presented in a clear and organized manner, facilitating understanding of the cost breakdown for the construction of necessary facilities. The allocated funds will be distributed according to the specific needs of each item, ensuring clear and transparent financial management.

  • Business Plan

    El Cajón de Arauca Agritainment Ranch is a developing project currently in its fourth phase. The first phase has been successfully consolidated, with infrastructure and logistics ready for its opening, creating high expectations within the community. This stage features a restaurant offering typical Venezuelan llanera cuisine, complete with an ambiance and music representative of the region. Visitors can engage with nature through various family activities such as archery, feeding fish in the lake, bolas criollas courts, a playground, and more. Additionally, there is a cabin styled like a coffee shop, offering a variety of homemade sweets and traditional Venezuelan Andean breakfasts. The Second Phase, currently in progress, involves the construction of facilities for stables and other farm animals for public interaction, the expansion of walking paths, and enhancements to the playground. These facilities will also provide horse boarding services and other related care services. The Third Phase will consist of building a venue for hosting performances by Latin artists, including music, dance, and other cultural shows, as well as private celebrations. This phase also includes the construction of a "manga de toros coleados" (a typical sport in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, among others), similar to the American Rodeo but with unique variations. It will host Coleo competitions with existing teams from other states. El Cajón de Arauca Agritainment Ranch no es solo un negocio; es un legado de amor por la cultura venezolana, un espacio que busca mantener vivas nuestras tradiciones y ser un punto de encuentro para la comunidad, así como una ventana abierta a la diversidad cultural de nuestra nación. The Fourth and final phase will materialize as a mini typical Venezuelan Andean village developed around a central square surrounded by cabins. These cabins will house various artisanal products and activities typical of the region. El Cajón de Arauca Agritainment Ranch LLC is a project that aims not only to create a positive economic impact but also to benefit the community at large, particularly the Latin minority in the state of Indiana, by providing a recreational space that showcases Venezuelan culture and environment, enriched with traditions and values ingrained in our community. The acquisition of this funding represents a crucial milestone for the future of our agro-entertainment project. It would not only signify financial support but also the recognition and endorsement of a key entity that shares our vision. This partnership will not only drive the growth and achievement of our short-term goals but will also lay the groundwork for sustainable and long-term development, enabling us to reach new levels of innovation and success in our field. It is essential to highlight that our project not only aims to generate a positive economic impact but is also focused on benefiting the entire community, particularly the Latin community in the state of Indiana. We aim to provide a recreational space that celebrates Venezuelan culture and ambiance, enriched with traditions and values deeply rooted in our community. We consider this an urgent necessity for this minority within our environment. El Cajón de Arauca Agritainment Ranch is committed to working closely with the community, creating local employment opportunities, promoting inclusivity, and offering a meeting place that celebrates cultural diversity. We would love to explore the possibility of collaborating with your institution or entity to bring this vision to life. We are open to discussing funding opportunities and any other form of support that could contribute to the growth and expansion of our project.

  • Self Identified Competition

    This is the first project of this nature in the state of Indiana. Currently, there are no spaces dedicated to family enjoyment of this kind, where the Latino community can feel a piece of their homeland, and where the native community can enjoy, learn, and integrate with a different culture. N/A

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