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May 27, 2024, 9:28 am UTC

36-3793996 | Government Grant Application

The Maintenance Connection, Inc. | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 36-3793996

    Location: Naperville, IL, United States

    Length of Operation: 11plus

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: $1M to $10M

    Annual Gross Expense: $500k to $1M

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    Internship program for Computer Science College Students. Providing actual real world experience in the IT industry.

  • Business Plan

    A targeted marketing strategy focused a specialty medical practices. utilizing Clickback as well as our certification with the three largest Healthcare Systems in the Great Lakes Area. We are an established IT Managed Services firm with a defined mentor driven internship program to provide real world experience for college computer science majors. This program provides a real world approach to the next generation which is greatly needed for our economy.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Technical Doctor Reliable Computers CMS In our first 15 years of existence we worked primarily worked in the Fortune 500 marketplace. In our market research we realized the level of business / technical expertise was lacking in the IT vendor's servicing the small to medium sized professional services marketplace. We switch our market strategy to provide a higher level of expertise / professionalism to the small to midsize professional services market.

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