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May 18, 2024, 11:37 pm UTC

99-1386567 | Government Grant Application

MOX LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 99-1386567

    Location: LAS VEGAS, NV, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: $500k to $1M

    Annual Gross Expense: $250k to $500k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    If MOX were to receive a grant funding of $150,000 as startup money, we would utilize it strategically to establish and grow our business. Here's a breakdown of how we would allocate the funds: 1. Equipment and Furnishings: - A portion of the grant would be dedicated to acquiring essential equipment and furnishings for the bar, kitchen, and customer seating areas. This might include bar equipment (blenders, shakers, glassware), kitchen appliances, tables, chairs, and other furniture required to create a comfortable and inviting environment for customers. 2. Renovations and Interior Design: - A portion of the funding would be allocated towards renovating the space to align with MOX's brand identity and create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. This could involve interior design elements, lighting fixtures, decorations, and any necessary refurbishments to ensure the space reflects the desired ambiance. 3. Inventory and Supplies: - Another significant portion of the grant would be allocated towards stocking up on ingredients, including fresh fruits, herbs, spices, mixers, and other necessary supplies. This would allow us to offer a diverse menu of mocktails and food items to cater to different customer preferences. 4. Marketing and Branding: - A portion of the funding would go towards marketing and branding efforts to create awareness and attract customers. This might include developing a visually appealing website, professional photography, printing marketing materials (like menus and business cards), and running targeted digital marketing campaigns to reach our target audience. 5. Staffing and Training: - A portion of the funding would be allocated to hire and train a skilled team, including bartenders, servers, chefs, and other necessary staff. This would ensure that we provide exceptional service and maintain the quality of mocktails and food offerings. 6. Licensing and Permits: - The grant funds would also cover the costs of obtaining necessary licenses and permits to legally operate the bar and comply with local regulations. 7. Reserve for Contingencies: - It is important to set aside a portion of the funding as a contingency reserve to handle unexpected expenses or fluctuations in the business environment. This reserve would provide a safety net to ensure the smooth operation of MOX during unforeseen circumstances. By utilizing the $150,000 grant funding strategically across these areas, MOX would be able to establish a strong foundation for the business, attract customers, and provide an exceptional non-alcoholic beverage experience. The aim would be to create a sustainable and successful venture that can thrive in the market and contribute to the growing demand for innovative and enjoyable mocktails.

  • Business Plan

    Here are the key aspects of our growth strategy: 1. Expansion of Physical Presence: Our immediate focus will be on expanding our physical presence by opening additional MOX locations in high-traffic areas of Las Vegas. This will allow us to capture a larger market share and cater to a wider customer base. We will carefully select prime locations that align with our target demographic and ensure that each new location maintains the same vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that MOX is known for. 2. Menu Innovation: We will continue to push the boundaries of mocktail creation by introducing innovative and exciting new flavors and designs to our menu. Our team of expert mixologists will constantly experiment with new ingredients and techniques to keep our offerings fresh and enticing. Additionally, we will listen to customer feedback and preferences to ensure that our menu reflects their desires and evolving tastes. 3. Partnerships and Collaborations: To further enhance our brand visibility and reach, MOX will actively seek partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses. This may include collaborations with local restaurants, hotels, and event organizers to offer our mocktail services and establish MOX as the go-to choice for non-alcoholic beverages. These partnerships will allow us to tap into new customer bases and expand our brand presence beyond our physical locations. 4. Online Presence and Delivery Services: Recognizing the growing demand for convenience, we will invest in establishing a strong online presence. This will include a user-friendly website, active social media channels, and online ordering options. We will also explore the possibility of offering delivery services to cater to customers who prefer enjoying MOX mocktails in the comfort of their own homes or at events. 5. Community Engagement and Events: MOX is committed to being an active member of the Las Vegas community. We will actively participate in local events, sponsor community initiatives, and collaborate with local organizations. By engaging with the community and supporting causes that align with our values, we will build a loyal customer base and establish MOX as a socially responsible brand. By executing this growth strategy, MOX aims to become a household name in the mocktail industry, expand its customer base, and solidify its position as the leading mocktail bar in Las Vegas. We are confident that our commitment to quality, innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement will drive our success in the next five years and beyond. This will be a minority, female owned business. I have worked in education for the last 22 years as a teacher, administrator, and assistant superintendent. I have a passion for literature and for working with and for the community. I have a strong track record of success in education and will transfer that knowledge into the business world. In addition, this concept is at the forefront of the zero-proof movement, a growing business model that has seen massive growth and is projected to continue seeing that growth to match the increase in sober and sober-curious individuals. Investors should consider investing in MOX for several compelling reasons: 1. Unique Market Position: MOX is positioned at the forefront of a growing trend towards non-alcoholic beverages and mindful consumption. With our exclusive focus on mocktails, we are catering to a rapidly expanding market of individuals who seek sophisticated and enjoyable alcohol-free options. This unique market position gives MOX a competitive advantage and a strong growth potential. 2. Strong Growth Potential: The demand for non-alcoholic beverages is on the rise, driven by the increasing health consciousness, changing consumer preferences, and the rise of sober-curious and sober-lifestyle movements. MOX is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, and our strategic growth plan ensures that we make the most of market opportunities. By expanding our physical presence, innovating our menu, and leveraging partnerships, MOX is poised for significant growth in the coming years. 3. Experienced Management Team: Our management team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, enabling effective decision-making, strategic planning, and operational excellence. The team's collective experience and dedication to the success of MOX provide investors with confidence in the company's ability to deliver on its promises. 4. Strong Brand Identity: MOX has established a strong brand identity as a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative mocktail bar. We have garnered positive reviews, built a loyal customer base, and received recognition for our commitment to quality and creativity. This brand recognition and reputation create a solid foundation for continued growth and customer loyalty. 5. Emphasis on Sustainability and Responsibility: MOX is committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and giving back to the community. We prioritize sourcing eco-friendly ingredients, minimizing waste, and supporting local initiatives. This commitment to sustainability and responsibility resonates with socially conscious consumers and investors alike, making MOX an attractive choice for those who value ethical business practices. Overall, investing in MOX offers the opportunity to be part of a unique and growing market, backed by a strong management team, a compelling brand identity, and a commitment to sustainability. With our strategic growth plan and the increasing demand for non-alcoholic beverages, MOX presents an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking long-term growth and alignment with emerging consumer trends.

  • Self Identified Competition

    There are currently no competitors for a zero proof lounge in Las Vegas. The closest thing to this is a Coffee Shop called Cafe Lola that serves as an event space and serves coffee, sweets and similar food items. Thank you for considering MOX for funding and investing in our mocktail bar in Las Vegas. We are confident that we stand out from our competitors in several key ways, making us a worthy investment. First and foremost, MOX offers a unique and innovative concept as a mocktail bar. While there are many bars and lounges in Las Vegas, we are the first to focus exclusively on curating exceptional non-alcoholic beverages while providing an engaging and welcoming "third space" experience. This sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to cater to a growing demographic of individuals who are seeking a vibrant and social atmosphere without the inclusion of alcohol. Secondly, our emphasis on quality and creativity is what truly sets us apart. At MOX, we are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and creating mocktails that are both visually stunning and delicious. Our team of expert mixologists is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mocktail creation, ensuring that our customers have a memorable experience every time they visit. Furthermore, our commitment to inclusivity and diversity is a core value at MOX. As a female, Latina-owned business, we bring a unique perspective and cultural influence to the mocktail bar scene. We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to come together and enjoy our offerings. Lastly, our location in Las Vegas provides us with a strategic advantage. As a city known for its entertainment and nightlife, Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors each year. By positioning ourselves in this vibrant and dynamic city, we have the opportunity to tap into a large customer base and establish MOX as the go-to destination for mocktails in the area. Considering these factors, funding administrators, grant writers, and investors should invest in MOX instead of our competitors because we offer a unique concept, a commitment to quality and creativity, a focus on inclusivity and diversity, and a strategic location. By investing in MOX, you would be supporting a business that is poised to make a lasting impact on the mocktail industry and provide a memorable experience for customers in Las Vegas.

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