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May 20, 2024, 6:18 am UTC

2366194 | Government Grant Application

Eva Marie Event Center | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 2366194

    Location: Durham, NC, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    This fund would be use to start the operational part of the business. Building Deposit & Renovation- $10,000; Permits/ Inspection and Talent Acquisition- $3,000; Furniture & Décor- $6,000; Utilities- $500; Electronics-$1,000; Cleaning Supplies-$500; Event Supplies- $700; Advertisement- $2,000; Taxes-$1,000

  • Business Plan

    In the first five years of business I will focus on marketing to the community, building partnerships and streamlining the payment process along with a website. Over time we want to collaborate with local businesses, vendors and influencers. As this is an event and venue rental location we will use the events to help market the space. This business is planned to grow off of word of mouth advertisement, social media and paper marketing. I have included my Executive Summary to help paint a complete picture. In this grant proposal you will discover a simple yet efficient business idea and concept. This particular business concept is sitting there waiting to be used, and Eva Marie Event Center, LLC wants to be the one to take hold of it and do something astounding. We want to take the next few moments and go over some quick details about who we are, our purpose and mission on this earth. The name Eva Marie is a combination of the owner’s grandmother's first names. Her childhood was filled with celebrations and special occasions taking place at her grandmother's house on both sides of her family. She traveled up and down the east coast, from New Bern, NC to Durham, NC visiting family. The feeling of being surrounded by loved ones, laughing and joining together to celebrate something special or just because they wanted to be together. That feeling is what Chelsea wants people to experience. That joy and warmth that comes with celebrating and being surrounded by positive energy. Just like she did at her grandmother’s house. This business is the legacy she created and will use to honor her grandmother's earth and heaven side. Our purpose is to use this business as a way to start healing and growing our family and building generational wealth. We want to provide opportunities the way they were provided to us. Our mission is to employ and house the community in which we serve. Investors should fund my business as it is a proven business model that will generate profit. I have experience in this industry along with a business degree. There is also a need for this specific event and venue rental location. Opening this venue location is the first phase in a 20 year plan that I have for this business. Eva Marie Event Center, LLC mission is to employ and house the community and which it serves. We want to provide an opportunity for community engagement and build generational wealth, knowledge and freedom As the Research Triangle Park area rapidly evolves and changes, these few problems remain the same. In Durham there aren’t many event and venue rental spaces with accessible parking, which also holds 75-100 people. In our preliminary research we discovered that in the Raleigh-Durham area people must settle for a venue space in a crowded downtown location with little to no parking, strict cratering rules, pricing tailored to weddings or an underwhelming bland community center space. We want to enter the market and help fix that problem. The target audience age demographic for Eva Marie Event Center ranges from 1-50+ years old. We noticed the 12-17 year old demographics for social events are limited. Through polling high school and middle school students, we found that the majority of them want to socialize outside of their home. They are limited to where and what they can do. Once or twice a year a social event is created for that age demographic outside of school social events. They want to explore and experience life with their friends in a safe environment. Eva Marie Event Center can also assist with this problem. The owner is a teacher and understands the importance of self-development and social/ emotional skills that children need and yearn for while also maintaining safety.

  • Self Identified Competition

    My top three competitors are The Durham Exchange, Ivy Community Center and Rickhouse/ Cookery. The Durham Exchange and Ivy Community Center have similar guidelines to Eva Marie Event Center. They do not have strict catering rules and plenty of parking with similar amenities. Rickhouse/Cookery is another competitor when it comes to simple, modern décor for event spaces. I have several unique features that separate me from my competitors. First we are a small event and venue space,75-100 people max. My competition specializes in larger sized events as well as their pricing. Next, a storefront parking lot, majority of the venue rental spaces are downtown and require street parking. In House Curate Events, we are going to host various events for the community to attend, some events will be in partnership with other local vendors and businesses. Party upgrades, different party pieces will enhance the space: champagne walls, throne chairs, customization to certain elements in the room. I am a high school teacher, this allows me direct access to a large demographic of people.

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