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May 19, 2024, 2:01 pm UTC

Digital Fire Prevention | Government Grant Application

Digital Fire Prevention | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: Digital Fire Prevention

    Location: San DIego, CA, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    DFP will use the funds to complete the development of the SaaS model for Building managers and service providers which will pave the way to share the data to emergency responders. We have come to a halt on development due to fund restrictions and this funding will help us expedite the build and move forward to next phases of the launch and revenue generating activities

  • Business Plan

    The DFP ecosystem operates within three distinct sectors: Building Managers: Our ecosystem boasts a diverse clientele, including prominent entities like Home Depot, Military, Blackstone Properties, KW Power Plants, and various hotels, alongside select in-state and out-of-state research and development (R&D) clients. This broad spectrum of interest allows us to leverage our initial waitlist as we prepare to penetrate the market further by targeting large enterprise property managers. By onboarding these key stakeholders, we expedite our national rollout strategy. As property managers sign on, they undergo testing, paving the way for third-party vendors to utilize our platform for uploading fire safety inspections. This data collection serves as the foundation for our mapping efforts and provides invaluable insights for property managers. The model parallels that of Zillow, where consumers' needs are prioritized, compelling agents to adopt the platform for access to consumer data. Third-Party Vendors: As property managers embrace our platform, third-party vendors are mandated to utilize it for uploading fire safety inspections. This centralized approach streamlines data collection and ensures consistency across the board. Moreover, it facilitates the mapping process and enables real-time access to critical property information. Fire Prevention (Fire Departments and Emergency Responders): We are actively engaged in educating and empowering fire departments and emergency responders at both national and local levels. Collaborating with esteemed organizations like NFPA and CalFire, we provide comprehensive training on DFP's cutting-edge technology. This equips them with essential property data, precise equipment GPS mapping, and up-to-the-minute building status updates. By harnessing our platform, fire departments and emergency responders gain invaluable insights that enhance their preparedness and response capabilities, ultimately contributing to safer communities. Through strategic partnerships, extensive outreach efforts, and technological innovation, DFP is poised to revolutionize fire safety practices, benefiting stakeholders across the entire ecosystem. The fire safety industry, valued at over $98B according to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), operates within outdated processes, leaving stakeholders disjointed and struggling to align with a complex network of national safety codes. Cumbersome paperwork exacerbates these challenges, hindering the industry's ability to fully embrace a comprehensive digital ecosystem. Despite anticipated growth due to population and urbanization, the sector has yet to leverage digital advancements to seamlessly connect its various facets. Current industry practices involve a labor-intensive 40-50 step manual procedure, relying on hard copies, multiple handoffs, and on-site inspections at each fire equipment location. This outdated approach leads to misplaced paperwork, redundant inspections, and unnoticed compliance issues, incurring high costs for property managers and consuming excessive time. The proposed solution, Digital Fire Prevention (DFP) platform, represents a pioneering fire safety ecosystem driven by cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies. At its core, DFP incorporates dynamic mapping algorithms, AI integration, satellite imagery, and GIS databases, collectively forming an advanced digital mapping system that revolutionizes the inspection landscape. DFP's mapping algorithms dynamically adapt to changes within a building, ensuring real-time accuracy. This functionality provides a comprehensive digital representation of building interiors, forming the foundation for an automated inspection system. This addresses a critical industry gap where structures evolve, yet existing documentation remains static. The integration of satellite imagery expands mapping capabilities beyond individual buildings, proving invaluable for large-scale properties or urban environments with interconnected buildings. This feature offers a holistic view of fire safety and aids in optimizing emergency response strategies. DFP utilizes imaging technologies to capture detailed visual data of fire prevention equipment, including 3D mapping for unprecedented clarity in inspections. Machine learning algorithms analyze this data, automating issue identification and streamlining the inspection process, marking a paradigm shift from manual, time-consuming procedures. The system seamlessly integrates with geographical data through APIs, promoting collaboration and allowing third-party fire service providers to contribute to a shared database. This interconnectedness enhances communication and creates a comprehensive repository of inspection records and property equipment statuses. DFP's innovation, rooted in dynamic mapping algorithms, advanced imaging technologies, and machine learning capabilities, provides a real-time, comprehensive, and automated approach to property managers, fire safety inspectors and emergency responders. It addresses inefficiencies in traditional methods, marking a substantial leap forward in the industry's quest for enhanced safety practices. In summary, DFP's research and development aim to provide valuable insights into how timely digital information and spatial mapping can help property managers and emergency responders optimize fire safety outcomes, reducing excessive property damage. This research could have far-reaching implications across various sectors and industries, such as general building maintenance, insurance, risk assessment, or smart city initiatives. Successful implementation of this system is poised to set a precedent for wider industry adoption, ushering in an era of enhanced fire prevention and safety practices. We can gladly share all the market research, test pilot we have done internally and the national research done by cities, nationals validating the lack of tech in fire prevention and resulting in massive cost.

  • Self Identified Competition

    DFP's position as a leader in the fire safety technology space is underscored by its unique offerings, which distinguish it from competitors such as Verisk, Compliance Engine, Johnson Controls, and others. Here's a comprehensive comparison highlighting DFP's advantages: Verisk: Verisk primarily focuses on insurance and ISO ranking technology, offering a 5-point building ranking system that evaluates various aspects, including fire alarms. However, its scope is limited compared to DFP's holistic approach to fire safety, which encompasses a broader range of factors such as building inspections, equipment status, and real-time data analytics. Compliance Engine: Compliance Engine operates as a standalone platform for uploading inspection data, demonstrating compliance with fire prevention regulations. However, its functionality is restricted to documenting inspections and lacks the comprehensive features and collaborative capabilities found in DFP's integrated platform. Unlike Compliance Engine, DFP provides a unified solution that enables seamless communication and data sharing among building managers, third-party vendors, and fire responders. Johnson Controls: As one of the largest fire inspection companies nationwide, Johnson Controls specializes in conducting fire safety inspections. However, its offerings are limited to internal use, with no digital portal shared with building managers. In contrast, DFP's technology goes beyond inspections, providing real-time insights and actionable data that empower building managers and fire responders to proactively manage fire risks. By offering a comprehensive platform for stakeholder collaboration, DFP sets itself apart from Johnson Controls and similar competitors. Additional Competitors: BuildingReports: BuildingReports offers inspection reporting solutions for various building systems, including fire safety. However, its focus is primarily on compliance reporting, lacking the advanced analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities offered by DFP. DFP's technology provides a more comprehensive approach to fire safety management, enabling proactive risk mitigation and enhanced decision-making. SiteDocs: SiteDocs provides digital safety management solutions, including fire safety inspections and compliance tracking. While SiteDocs offers features for managing safety documentation, it may lack the specialized focus and depth of functionality found in DFP's platform. DFP's technology offers tailored solutions for fire prevention and management, backed by industry expertise and partnerships with leading organizations. In summary, DFP stands out as a leader in the fire safety technology market due to its comprehensive approach, integrated platform, real-time insights, and collaborative capabilities. By offering a unique blend of features and expertise, DFP empowers stakeholders to proactively manage fire risks and create safer, more resilient environments. DFP's technology stands out as a winner in the fire safety space due to its unique combination of features and capabilities, setting it apart from existing solutions such as Verisk, Compliance Engine, and Johnson Controls. Here's what makes DFP's technology distinctive: Comprehensive Fire Safety Solution: While other technologies in the market may focus on specific aspects of fire safety, such as fire alarms or inspection data, DFP offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses all facets of fire prevention and management. From fire alarms to building inspections, equipment status, and real-time building data, DFP provides a holistic approach to fire safety, ensuring that all critical elements are addressed to mitigate risks effectively. Integrated Platform for Stakeholder Collaboration: Unlike single-serving platforms like Compliance Engine, DFP's technology serves as a centralized hub where all stakeholders, including building managers, third-party vendors, and fire departments, can collaborate and access relevant information. By facilitating seamless communication and data sharing, DFP fosters a collaborative ecosystem that promotes transparency, accountability, and proactive risk management. Real-Time Insights and Actionable Data: While Johnson Controls may excel in conducting fire inspections, DFP goes a step further by providing real-time insights and actionable data that empower building managers and fire responders to make informed decisions promptly. By leveraging advanced analytics and IoT sensors, DFP's platform offers up-to-the-minute updates on building status, equipment conditions, and fire risks, enabling proactive intervention and risk mitigation strategies. Customized Solutions for Building Managers: DFP recognizes the unique needs and priorities of building managers and tailors its technology to align with their objectives. Unlike generic ranking systems like Verisk's, which may overlook specific fire safety requirements, DFP's platform offers customizable solutions that cater to the diverse needs of different property types and industries. Whether it's a commercial office building, a manufacturing facility, or a hotel, DFP's technology can be adapted to meet the specific fire safety needs of each property. Industry-Leading Partnerships and Expertise: With strategic partnerships with renowned organizations such as NFPA and CalFire, DFP brings together industry expertise and best practices to deliver cutting-edge fire safety solutions. By collaborating with leading experts and staying abreast of the latest developments in fire prevention technology, DFP ensures that its platform remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the field. In summary, DFP's technology stands out as a winner in the fire safety space due to its comprehensive approach, integrated platform, real-time insights, customized solutions, and industry-leading partnerships. By offering a unique blend of features and capabilities, DFP empowers stakeholders to proactively manage fire risks, enhance safety compliance, and create safer, more resilient communities.

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