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June 22, 2024, 9:24 am UTC

FeminINK LLC 9 2 3 8 0 6 1 6 3 | Government Grant Application

FeminINK LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 9 2 3 8 0 6 1 6 3

    Location: Waterbury, Ct, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    Funding will be used to open a Warehouse that will be a beauty hotspot services that will be provided include body sculpting lash extensions, tattoos, and skin care. While also covering any licenses needed along with proper equipment.

  • Business Plan

    My plan to grow my business for the next five years is to create a beauty mart, where all feminine walks of life can come and get any service. They desire in one space while also creating opportunities for kids in the community after schools with lessons in the services that will be provided (services safe for children)to create goal, oriented children the children that will run our future my track record of upholding solid interpersonal ties with multiple clients. I am driven and enthusiastic about delivering my best job because I am passionate about helping those in need in my community.

  • Self Identified Competition

    I am one of the traveling tattoo artist that are in competition with tattoo shops from New Haven up until Hartford What makes me different from other artist is every month all year round I create sales to which any, and everybody can receive in therapy. I also cater to every clients personal experience when they walk through my door. I also help a lot of women that have been SA with ink therapy because I am a woman I make people feel very comfortable.

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