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June 14, 2024, 12:28 pm UTC

Garcia Hauling, LLC 88-3241855 | Government Grant Application

Garcia Hauling, LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 88-3241855

    Location: Belgrade, MT, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    I plan on using this requested funding for a new Kubota skid steer. This is a large sum requested and I am absolutely aware of this. I humbly request this to seek a used skid steer or a new skid steer with a large down payment. Skid steers are the most versatile machinery due to their multiple attachments for various jobs (I.e: grapples for misc. materials, buckets for dirt/gravel/material loading, hydraulic hammers for concrete/pavement breaking, rakes for site clean up, snow plow for snow removal, and other attachments for demolition and more). My intent for this machinery is to make use of this equipment for year round work here in the high demand for dirt work, demolition work, landscape type of work and snow removal. I have had over 3 years of experience working around construction and junk removal work. Although $50,000 is a far reach I know I can make $5,000 for a down payment work but am absolutely hopeful for the potential to receive more for ease of mind centered around insurance fees, diesel fees, and skid steer payments. I am also aiming to purchase a new Kubota skid steer to avoid unnecessary complications from used skid steers from previous owners and upon researching of skid steers it has been found that Kubota skid steers are among the most reliable and long lasting machinery yet. I would like to thank the committee for reading this request and for considering any grant a small business owner such as myself can attain.

  • Business Plan

    I plan to prioritize my business growth by expanding my services and outreach to the Gallatin Community. I will be utilizing greater marketing tactics such as social media posting, media advertisements, banner placements, door hangers, increasing business reviews and more. I will be providing not only debris removal but landscape type of work, light demolition, light land clearing, gravel hauling/spreading, dirt removal and snow removal with the goal of utilizing a skid steer for these jobs. I have previously rented skid steers and mini-excavators for these jobs and the rent fees for these machinery are hard on clients and challenging for operating efficiently (due to dealing with a third party for getting projects completed). I plan to grow in this industry by being lucrative with clientele projects in multiple expertise utilizing skid steer attachments. I believe I will excel with the purchase of a skid steer given the knowledge and experience I have achieved working for a construction quality company associated with civil engineering work/grade surveying/compaction testing, a water reclamation company involving skid steer work/excavator work/roller compaction work/road maintenance work, and by using previous tools learned from being a salesman for vehicles (using sales training to reach customers and building clientele through building relationships). I, Allen Garcia, believe and understand to be worthy of investing in due to the honestly and integrity I have when managing not only my business but personal endeavors. I uphold my work to the highest quality ensuring that my clients and family are given the best of my time and abilities. I have built my small business on the side of my construction/excavation job for the past 2 years. While having to give 50+ hours per week to my employer I have worked an additional 15 hours per week for my business. I did this by working efficiently in all aspects including answering clients, attending their needs, planning my routes and prioritizing business all in the spontaneous downtime of my employer. I have had no option but to be efficient and to maintain excellent communication with both my employer and clientele in order to manage 15 hour days while being an attentive husband and father. I have built my business on the side and in one year I have surpassed my top 3 competitors in the junk debris business. I have reached over 109 five star reviews under Garcia Hauling, LLC/Bozeman Junk Removal (my google page is currently down due to potential scam report by a junk debris competitor - the exact cause is yet still unknown and in investigation). I do have a screenshot of google review page when I reached 100 five star reviews in November 2023 for proof of reviews from clients sharing their positive experience from my services. I truly believe I have been worthy of investing in and I have over 109 clients who have publicly announced their satisfaction with my quality work.

  • Self Identified Competition

    My top 3 competitors are in the junk debris services. Each competitor can be found on the top list when searching “Junk Removal in Bozeman, MT.” My competitors offer similar services and have slightly different techniques for junk removal projects. From what I believe my competitors are limited to only junk debris and yard debris but I have prioritized involving extra services such as snow removal, hauling of materials and skid steer/mini-excavator services. I will be the first of my knowledge to have attained a skid steer for additional services for clients. Something to note is that my competitors have not reached over 50 positive 5 star reviews. The absolute difference from my competitors to my business is efficiency, excellent communication, additional services, and by doing more than is expected. While working for my employer and for clients I have had no choice but to be efficient in my work and upholding great quality of work. I have always communicated and understood jobs with precision making sure the task at hand is understood and completed in a timely manner. My greatest skill is communication and that has been evident throughout all of my work experiences. I understand a clients needs and I always make the client feel safe and heard when jobs are in progress. I provide more services than my competitors and that is a simple advantage. Not only do I provide junk removal but I provide snow removal and hauling along with skid steer services for any of my prospects needs. While my competitors stay to junk/yard debris I choose to not be limited in serving the community. Another trait that makes me excel my competitors is my ability and desire to do more than necessary. This is done by doing detailed work after jobs are done such as: sweeping areas after junk removal, cleaning after all types of work completed, asking clients if they would like help moving items around for them that may be too heavy for them, and even allowing time after jobs to listen to my clients which builds great report and relationships. I know my competitors are amazing and I do not intend to belittle any other junk providers. When I have too many jobs at hand I always refer my clients to other top competitors to ensure clients have their needs done and I trust in those competitors to accomplish the service needed. These are only noticeable differences from my business to my competitors. All is fair in competition and our goal is to make profit for our families while serving the community.

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