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June 22, 2024, 9:17 am UTC

Morningside Naturals 834614695 | Government Grant Application

Morningside Naturals | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 834614695

    Location: Ossining, NY, United States

    Length of Operation: 1-5

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: Less than $100k

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    The funding will be used to cover some of the direct and indirect costs of scaling Morningside Naturals from a $100,000/year revenue company to over $575,000/year revenue company in a 12-month funding period. Some of these funding expenses I will use as responses in the five-year growth section after this section. The direct costs will include the production run costs to source the ingredients for the products and manufacture the products in larger scale production runs of 300-, 400-, and 600-gallon production runs. The funding will be used for indirect costs as well to cover the following areas: 1. E-commerce paid marketing campaigns and consultants to manage the campaign optimization for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and other e-commerce sales platforms. 2. Emailing campaign management and consulting for the successful outreach to customers for sale conversion, retention, and growth. 3. Marketing and advertising material such as postcards and education pamphlets for customer education on the product. 4. Social Media Influencers to accelerate e - commerce sales revenue in parallel to online paid campaigns. 5. Business Operating expenses such as general liability insurance, website maintenance, app subscriptions, sales funnel optimization software's 6. Customer service platforms and consulting fees for successful customer retention and growth. 7. Partial salaries for CEO, CFO, CMO to run the everyday operational, financial, creative/interactive advertising and IT infrastructure processes. 8. Market share research and networking at local and national wellness product trade shows. 9. Podcast and other media outlet marketing opportunities to maximize Morningside Naturals products through large audience exposure online, through social media, and in person. 10. Logistical expenses for grassroots farmer's markets, health fairs, and other organic customer growth. 11. Development of Creative ads for the paid campaigns including video editing and copyright. With the funding, Morningside Naturals will invest the majority of every dollar back into the company for maximum growth, sustainability and profitability over the course of the next 5 years.

  • Business Plan

    Morningside Naturals (MN) plans to grow our business in the next five years through primarily Direct to Consumer online paid advertising campaigns and social media influencers through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, Amazon and other e-commerce/online merchant platforms. MN will be prospecting for a series of seed funding during the next 12-36 months to bring the Company's annual revenue well over two million dollars by the end of year three. The money invested into MN will be primarily utilized for strategic paid Advertising campaign management through AI-driven analytical platforms and expert subject-matter consultants that maximize the ROI on every dollar spent with the goal of $3 to $4 dollars generated in revenue for every dollar spent on paid campaigns. In parallel to the wide array of paid campaigns being published on the social media consumer outlets, MN will strategically choose social media influencers and wellness experts to become brand ambassadors for the company. Through organic social media posts, reels, stories and other impressions the influencers will maximize their online exposure and following to raise brand awareness for MN. With the increased revenue and net income, MN will re-invest the dollars generated to grow our email campaigning, customer service, and creative advertising development. These three areas of focus are imperative for customer retention, growth, and the overall customer experience of Morningside Naturals. MN currently has a 45% return customer rate over the past four years in operation: with minimal investment in any of the three areas of focus above. E-commerce industry standard is between a 20-25% return customer rate, putting MN well above industry standards and competitors. Moreover, with increased exposure from the healthy investment MN's monthly paid campaign budget and strategic brand ambassadors that align with MN’s mission and core values, exponential growth in revenue is very favorable. Another metric that will allow MN to scale up with tremendous growth potential in the next five years are the industry shattering profit margins (gross and net) the company experiences with all three products in production (the woodroot tonic, woodroot tea, and woodroot tonic shooters). The gross margin for all three products is on average 76% and the net margin on all three products is 35%. Both margins are significantly higher than industry standards for e-commerce products in the wellness sector (50% and 15% respectively). The profit generated from increased revenue will allow MN to become financially solvent within the first 24 months of the five-year growth plan. The profitability and solvency will allow MN greater flexibility to increase online advertising and marketing spending, attract and recruit influencers with significant market exposure and launch into other revenue streams such as the retail market. Investors should invest in Morningside Naturals because we have formulated and produced a product over the course of the past twenty-five years (well before bringing to market in 2020) that tremendously changes the gut and immune support health of humans. Our family and friends have been taking this product for decades and have experienced numerous health benefits ranging from immune support, optimization of digestive functions, sinus health, inflammation relief and headache reductions. Our Woodroot Tonic, Tea, and shooters truly work and help lead to better quality lives for people suffering in pain every day from a number of health issues. Morningside Naturals’ mission and core beliefs drive our company to help people in need find a health, organic and alternative method for addressing inflammation and immune system disorders. We have demonstrated through countless testimonies (see attached in supporting documents) and customer satisfaction scores that there is an alternative to people using prescription and pharmacy medications to alleviate issues that have side effects most of the time worse than the original medications' purpose. From a business perspective, Morningside Naturals has decades of experience within our C-suite and specifically, CEO, around food manufacturing, restauranteur ownership, the culinary arts and purchasing, along with executive leadership/training and customer sales skills to help lead the strategic direction of the company. Our CFO has several years' experience in the healthcare financial industry which provides an excellent framework into correlating the health benefits of our product with chronic conditions facing the public and the associated healthcare costs with treating those health conditions. From a financial sustainability and growth perspective, MN operates within extremely healthy margins (both gross and net) illustrated above, along with a 45% return customer rate, well above e-commerce industry standards, and a conversion ratio of 3%, also above industry standards. MN has also enlisted highly skilled social media and paid online campaign managers to optimize the ROI on campaigns spending into sale revenue on various platforms including Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, and soon to be Amazon. The campaign manager has the data and creative assets to continue the sales growth of the company, and just needs additional funding to continue the building the of platform algorithm. Aggregating the financial metrics (margins, customer return rate, etc.) and the seasoned e-commerce business growth strategy, together, creates a robust platform for MN to continue building revenue and growth over the next five years with the right amount of outside investment. We have done five years of extensive business research and e-commerce business to refine and perfect the business operations of the company from manufacturing, production, distribution, fulfillment, customer service, creative marketing, financial reporting and analytics and social media integration. All that is needed at this point is the funding to move the company over the finish line into substantial growth and scalability.

  • Self Identified Competition

    One of the unique and exciting things about Morningside Naturals and our number one product, Woodroot Tonic, is there is no other product on the market quite like our tonic: along with the formulation and health benefits that are derived from consuming it. The original formulation of Woodroot tonic came from an ancient Jamaican formulation, however many of those ingredients are extremely rare in the United States and very difficult to source from Jamaica. As a result, with our well-seasoned expertise in the culinary arts, our founder and one partner are both chefs, one being formally trained, allowed MN to tinker with the formulations of all our products for optimal functionality and health benefits. The only two other "Jamaican" woodroot tonic competitors, once again, with a different formulation and much harsher on the consumer palate, are "Sundial Tonic" and "Ya-Mon Woodroot Tonic". Both of which, are not the same product and aesthetically not consumer friendly along with the taste not being appealing to the American consumer population. The lack of competition from other brands/companies, adds to the funding appeal of MN from outside investors and the uniqueness of our brand is truly marketable and will provide a sizeable impact on the direct-to-consumer market with greater marketing exposure through enhanced funding. As mentioned above in the previous section, MN (Morningside Naturals), really does not have any known competitors that can offer the wide range of health benefits in a 100% certified organic product like our tonic or tea. The two companies listed above that use the Woodroot Tonic name are antiquated and non-consumer friendly brands that do not appeal to the consumer palate or eye. Morningside Naturals and Woodroot Tonic and Teas are truly a groundbreaking company and products that if given the right exposure and seed funding through extensive online and traditional marketing, will explode onto the direct-to-consumer scene and experience tremendous profitability and growth.

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