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May 19, 2024, 12:08 pm UTC

842536950 | Government Grant Application

Izzy bounce | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 842536950

    Location: Corpus Christi, TX, United States

    Length of Operation: 8months

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    We are a small business tailored to providing parents and loved ones a place to take their kids to enjoy, laugh and play! We are located in the small town of Annaville, Texas. A population of about 17k and we are the first business locally to accommodate a space for kids to come and play! We opened up a section of our business in early September which is about 3,000sqft and are currently remodeling the other section which is also about 3,000sqft. Under the circumstances and situation revolving the COVID-19 virus we have been forced to shut our doors. And it seems like we are going to be closed for a while longer. With bills such as loans, utilities and rent that we are still being forced to pay, along with the remodel and other expenses involving our home life. We are looking for help to keep our business a float. We have made a big big impact in our small city and surrounding areas and we are praying to keep that going once this all settles down. But we are in need of help! We would be much appreciated and thankful for any assistance your program can help us with.

  • Business Plan

    Since we’ve opened social media has been our biggest platform when it comes to marketing! It’s a free tool we use to reach our current guests and to also branch out and reach a new following. We post daily! Even during this time we are posting to keep everyone’s attention on our business. Within the recent months, we’ve been targeting the local and surrounding elementary schools, and also daycare centers. We printed out flyers with coupons and discount promos to encourage students and their families to visit our location, In hopes it reaches their homes and so far having great success with that. We also recently linked up with the local radio station here in town to promote an Easter egg hunt the targets hundreds of parents and their kids in the surrounding area. We planned on setting up a booth to promote and just link with the locals to let them know what our business offers. Our venu isn’t just a place where kids can come play on a daily basis but we also book birthday parties, gender reveal‘s and other group gatherings for families to host for their friends and love ones. So we are still currently encouraging families to consider our place for the near future when everything starts to clear up. We are strong in our efforts and we plan on continuing this form of marketing and advertising in the years to come in hopes of not just growing our business. But also expanding. We believe that investors like yourself and your program should invest in Izzy Bounce because of the impact we are making in our community! We finally offer a place for families to bring their kids and friends to enjoy time out the sun, without having to drive miles in the town or worry about spending an arm and a leg. We are very very reasonably priced. Parents are always free. Kids 2 years an under are $6.50 and kids 3 and up are $12.50. There is no time limit at our place so families can come and go as they please throughout the entire day. Our focus isn’t to charge high and make a quick buck. We want families to come in not feel that their pockets are going to be drained because of how most places charge guest. Our focus is to provide fun at a very low cost. So family’s can come as often as possible. Investing in our business buying this time is helping us stay a float. To help us from accruing more debt. We’ve pulled out two loans to get this place started and built, and we are not in a place financially to be able to pull out any more loans. So this grant will help us pay our rent, utilities and God willing get thru this.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Thankfully we are in a small town, so any major competition we have is going to be about a 10-15min drive from our town. But, they’re big attractions and offer a more commercial atmosphere and venue then what we offer. These business have spaces upwards of 20-30k sqft entertainment space. Versus our place, is about 6k sqft of space. So the biggest competition we have is Innovation, providing the next wow factor. How and what can we provide that’s outside the box from these big franchises. We’ve put a lot of thought and idea into what we offer, allowing us to stand out amongst these big places. And because of the atmosphere we offer along with making sure we are making a personal experience with out customers. We hope to keep prospering. What’s makes us different from our competitors is many things. Number one we are very affordable. We provide a venue where our guests can come and feel they’ve not, “broken the bank”. Affordability is our strongest suite. Not just when it comes to entry fees to visit our place, but also the prices we charge for booking open and closed parties at our place. We are significantly lower in cost then ANY other competitor we have in the surrounding areas. The personal feel our place offers, has become more attractive to our guests versus the corporate/commercial vibe they receive at other places. The compliments we receive from our guests as for the comfortableness they feel when visiting. Not feeling rushed to leave being that we offer no time cap on their stay time. Not to mention the connection they make with our staff , feeling more of a part of Izzy Bounce vs just a number. We’ve become familiar with our guests, even knowing most of them by name! Making it a more personal experience for them. We offer a wide verity of play items not offered at most other places around us such as an, indoor playground! Which is a big attraction being that their kids feel like they’re enjoying and actual outdoor playground. In the comfort of shade and central A/C. We have a huge ball-pit that holds more then 20k balls, which no other business in our market has either. Along with other great options of play and entertainment for our guests. Izzy Bounce is family owned and operated so we make sure to treat our guests as family, as we would our own personal friends and family.

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