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May 19, 2024, 11:18 am UTC

436993714 | Government Grant Application

Gorgeous Collection | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 436993714

    Location: Franklin, LA, United States

    Length of Operation: 0

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    This funding will be utilized by establishing my own business which will pertaining to wholesale buying and selling, and product creation. With this possible funding, I will be able to buy and access the equipment and products need to start up my very own business.

  • Business Plan

    My objective to grow my business in the next five years is to first establish a value proposition, I will acknowledge and understand what sets my business apart from competitors. Next and foremost, I will identify my ideal customers & specify my key indicators. Identifying my audience will help to adjust my business and stimulate possible growth. Specifying key indicators will prove whether changes made to my business over time was effective. Nevertheless, I will validate revenue streams & focus solely on my business strengths generated throughout the start-up process. Validating revenue streams prior to starting my business can help determine what revenue streams I can add to make my business more profitable in the long run. Also focusing on my business strengths can help establish outstanding growth strategies. Lastly, my willingness to learn and take constructive criticism making me not only acceptable to growth but acceptable to great success as well. All these key components that I have established into my business plan is my key to success and sustainable growth throughout the years. Investors should take the time to invest in me & my business because I have created & will continue to establish a solid business plan showing not only myself & others, but the people who would possibly fund my business that I'm serious and I have given great thought into gaining success & growth in the process. I will convey to investors that my products and services stand out from others being unique and innovative, showing that my brand have the potential to be better than competitors. Lastly, I will show that I possess the factors of business readiness, conveying I have done my research. Having a minor in marketing has already put me steps ahead on possessing business readiness.

  • Self Identified Competition

    My top three competitors or The Crayon Case, Juvia's Place, & GloGirl Cosmetics. The successful black owned cosmetic line all have something in common, they are big revenue generator coming for almost nothing. Crayon Case was established by Louisiana's very own Reynell Steward from New Orleans. She started out as a restaurant worker and then created this brilliant cosmetic line that was different and brought light to the black owned cosmetic lines making her not only my biggest role model in this category but my biggest competitor as well. Next, Juvia's Place, another black owned cosmetic line, became one of instagram's most looked to and favored Indies beauty brand created by West African Chichi Eburu, who have inspired us colored girls to wear vibrant colored eyeshadow. Last but not least, GloGirl Cosmetics, created by Tosca Hillman with a creativeness that simultaneously driven a passion into the cosmetic category. This cosmetic line represents pure boldness, power and uniqueness that has grasp the world into her cosmetics. I have chosen these big cosmetic brands & not small business because I know I have the potential and drive to become successful if even bigger than these companies some day. These big CEO's started from almost nothing turning nothing into something big and successful. With my drive, hustle and determination, I know I can do this and make it happen. What makes my business different from my competitors is because I have evaluated my target market. I have focused on skills and service that can benefit customers. My competitors didn't start focusing their skills and services that could have benefited their customers til after they gained revenue and seen what was best for customers and what customers didn't like in that niche. I have even did a campus survey on my college campus to women and girl who favor this niche, getting a good sight of what they like and dislike most about cosmetics. Also I aim to establish the best customer experience provided to my customers, getting them to become loyal and recommending potential customers. Lastly, My business is set apart from my other competitors because my business will posses diversity. Yes my products are created for colored woman but I will expand my horizons creating products for different types of genders, race, and ethnicities becoming a powerhouse something like L'Oreal Cosmetic Line.

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