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May 18, 2024, 10:25 pm UTC

46-1675744 | Government Grant Application

Far West | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 46-1675744

    Location: Harrison, NE, United States

    Length of Operation: 1 year

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    We would use it to help pay expenses on the business based on utilities, maintenance repairs, food supplies, and payroll

  • Business Plan

    We would like to grow our business by adding new renovations, help it grow through marketing and advertising, adding a delivery service, adding a catering service, adding a alcohol license Because we are a family owned restaurant, located in a small community. We are trying to raise a family and provide for them and to give them a future business opportunity.. We would like you to invest in us because we have a rare opportunity of running this type business that entices people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new! We want to bring our community as many options as we can and we need your help to do so!

  • Self Identified Competition

    There are Bars, Fast Food, and Dine in Chinese Restaurant/Buffet We are different because we are a 4 type cuisine restaurant! We offer authentic Thai food, Chinese Food, Mexican Food, and American Food! We offer these foods all day everyday! We are the only restaurant in our community that offers this selection and that it comes out made fresh to order we also offer fresh sushi Our alcohol license is just on the horizon so we will soon to be offering alcoholic beverages to go great with your delicious food!!

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