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May 19, 2024, 3:34 pm UTC

85-0498855 | Government Grant Application

Bernie's Cafe Inc. | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 85-0498855

    Location: broomfield, CO, United States

    Length of Operation: 0

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    Hello, I am Faith Marcelli, joint owner of Bernie’s Cafe. Bernie’s cafe will need $200,000 in funds dedicated to interior construction and start-up business costs. An estimated $50,000 will be used towards equipment, $27,000 on initial small wares and food, and the remaining amount to be spent on the interior buildout and design. As $200,000 is not a small amount, we would like to explain how this institution will be set apart from other establishments and how the business income. The Cafe’s intended location is within the shops at the new Blue Federal Credit Union’s headquarter’s community space near a high traffic roundabout. The planned employee count at full occupancy in the headquarters is expected to be 300 plus. The roundabout itself generates 25,902 vehicles per day, according to the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization, 2018. An assessment of the area as well shows there are several busy fast-food chains on Lincoln, blocks from the new centers’ location. There are virtually no other restaurants next to the roundabout itself or the new complex. The mission for Bernie’s Cafe is to surpass the normal expectations of lunchtime in the area. It is not just food, and we are not just another company. The desire is to feed our community local, healthy food, and to serve it by partnering with community and non-profit organizations.

  • Business Plan

    Bernie’s Cafe has three set goals to grow the business in catering options, marketing during community events, and offering pastry grams during Valentine’s Day and specialty ordered sweets during holidays. The Blue Headquarters, as previously mentioned, and the Blue Credit Union next to the unit, will provide a great opportunity for the business. They have expressed interest in our catering options for business meetings and events. The Cafe’s intent is to pair with the Blue as much as possible by offering discounts to Blue employees and for those opening new accounts. Catering options will be offered to the community and for individual events as well. By the cafe pairing with non-profits, it provides great opportunities to serve the community and market the business. The last strategy for growth will be to offer pastry grams and special ordered sweets during the holidays. Each order is made fresh and provides our guests with an exciting, custom item. There is a problem with the current cuisine in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There are many fast-food chains with mundane, repetitive options and limited healthy alternatives. When asking locals the question of, “where is a good place to eat?” the response is a lot of “um’s” followed by “well, there is a chain restaurant up the street.” Cheyenne wants and deserves an exciting new restaurant that offers dietary options including vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free items. Our cafe’s mission is to serve the community and provide healthy, and nutritious menu items that can cater to those needs. There is a problem and Bernie’s Cafe is ready to offer the solution.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Bernie’s Cafe’s competitors are as follows: The Railyard Cafe-Coffee Haus and Eatery, Jimmy John’s, and The Paramount Cafe. Each of our competitors offer sandwich creations, and two offer coffee beverages throughout the day. The Railyard Cafe-Coffee Haus and Eatery has a modern and cozy interior dining area. According to online reviews and local opinions, they received positive feedback the past few months, concerning their food and beverages. Their customer service was the subject of most negative comments over the past year, stating that service was slow and sometimes rude or disrespectful. Other comments mentioned overpriced menu items. Jimmy John’s is fast and easy but not always reliable. Several reviews expressed a lack of customer service and have found spoiled food in their orders. Lastly, the Paramount Cafe’s interior is inviting and is a local favorite for coffee brews. However, their menu is more beverage focused and is located in the heart of downtown— several miles away from Bernie’s Cafe’s intended location. Bernie’s Cafe serves sandwiches and coffee brews, but unlike our competitors, french inspired pastries. One is a signature cream puff with rotating seasonal flavors. Our pastry selection also offers seasonal breakfast breads, coffee cakes, fruit tarts, and eclairs. Each pastry is made from scratch from our custom recipes. These delights are unique to Bernie’s Cafe as well as the area. The customer service will be unmatched. Coming from a fine dining restaurant, this has been made a priority in our culinary work. Not only is the Cafe offering unmatched service and new tastes, but is the only restaurant located within half of a mile to the Blue Headquarters. Each of the competitors is several miles away from Bernie’s Cafe’s location. The closest competitor, being Jimmy John’s, is roughly 1.8 miles from the Blue Headquarters. Mornings and afternoons in this area will be buzzing with activity making breakfast and lunchtime at Bernie’s Cafe quick, as well as convenient.

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