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May 18, 2024, 10:20 pm UTC

EIN # 27-0089187 | Government Grant Application

ICXING LLC / dba I | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: EIN # 27-0089187

    Location: PRINEVILLE, OR, United States

    Length of Operation: 16

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    The funding request, will be used to replace some of the funds we have paid out due to lost income from the COVID-19 Virus. We have currently paid by credit card over $25,000, to suppliers to purchase new equipment, and event apparel wear, that was intended for use this year 2020. At the current time until we are able to be back in business, the equipment can not be used, but the credit card bills still have to be paid. If we had not been shut down because of the virus, we had enough business on the books to cover our debt.

  • Business Plan

    In January 2020, we made the necessary expenditures to buy two more balloons. The first one was for doing Tethered Flights only. The balloon we were using could only take 3-4 paying passengers on a tethered flight at a time. The new balloon has a large basket that will allow us to take up to 6 paying passengers at a time. We bought this balloon, as we were already booked into a festival for doing tethered flights on the weekends, from Mid March to the First of May, a total of 8 weekends. This was cancelled by the CODID-19 virus. In February 2020 we purchased a larger ride balloon, that could handle up to 6 passengers, compared to the 3 passengers our other balloon could carry. With the additional two balloons added to our company, we would have very easily doubled sales over last year. With an additional pilot we could double our attendance at major events, and tether operations. Our company is now the only one in Oregon that does tethered flight operations. All of the others companies have gone to just flight operations, and now refer tethered flights to us. The Corporate, event, and private business tethered operations are growing, and with two bigger balloons, our opportunity to be part of this, will be a large part of our business. Our company is based in beautiful Central Oregon, where the sun shines 300 days a year. It might be hot and it might be cold, but the sun shines. Central Oregon is known for the numerous outdoor activities that are available to the people living in the area, and to the tourist that come through the area. As one of only two Hot Air Balloon companies currently in Central Oregon, we have plenty of days available, due to the great weather, for people to take a bucket list Scenic Sight Seeing Flight. What a better way to see the local farm lands, majestic parks, rivers, and snow capped mountains, and the towns below, then from a basket of a Hot Air Balloon. We specialize in customer service, whether it is a single passenger in our smaller 1 passenger balloon, or a couple, or a family up to six passengers, we can offer a personal flight. We do not mix passengers from more than one group, we prefer to offer the specialized flight just for that one group. Our goal is that our customers will come away from their experience, as very happy customers, and will tell their friends, or as many have done, come back with their family for another fun flight.

  • Self Identified Competition

    In Central Oregon there are only two companies that do Hot Air Balloon Scenic Sight Seeing Flights. Our company, and my friend and competitor that is 30 miles away in another town. He has a very large basket, and flies near a very well known National Park, and is tied into the Central Oregon Tourist group. My other competitors are 200 plus miles away in the west side of the state near the metropolitan area around Portland. The two companies fly from 2 to 7 balloons everyday, weather permitting. The majority of their customers come from the influx of people that travel to the Portland area for business, and go as a group for a Balloon flight. The difference between my company and these others, are as explained above. They are large companies with several balloons flying every day, giving the passengers a experience in a balloon. My company specializes in private, family flights, giving the passengers a memorable experience with family and friends, that they will share over and over. Many of our passengers have told their friends, or even brought their friend back to enjoy a flight with them. Many of these past passengers have kept in touch with us, and want to know when we are flying in their local area, so they can come visit us. At the present time we are the only company that offers Tethered Flights in Oregon. We bring our balloon equipment to the Customer, tie the basket down with four big ropes, and give flights 35-50 foot high, to our customers, clients. The large ride businesses, have decided not to do tethered flights, so they send the business my way. We have traveled all over the Pacific Northwest for Corporate, organizational, and private tethered flight operations. With the big balloon we just purchased we plan on being able to do more of these type of events

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