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May 27, 2024, 1:31 am UTC

81-4809913 | Government Grant Application

TRAGUR | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 81-4809913

    Location: OFallon, MO, United States

    Length of Operation: 4

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    To support incoming inventory designs from manufacture

  • Business Plan

    Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we projected sales in 2020 of $90K. This is a 50% increase over last year. These sales are primarily focused in the Mid-West climbing gym market. Moving in to 2021 we will expand our marketing campaigns. Our primary focus will be in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and New York. These areas have much more access to outdoor rock climbing and climbing gyms. They have more climbers as a result. We will focus on growing these markets for the next 3 years. After 2023, we will focus on growing the Colorado Market. With a consistent customer base in the mid-West, and growing sales in the southern Mid-West we project a 50% Year on Year growth Rate for the next 5 years. This culminates in a projected Gross Revenue of $683K in 2025. This growth rate is primarily driven by partnering with Climbing Gyms in the target markets. By Sponsoring their Staff and events, we gain a presence in the gym. This is the focal point for climbers in the area. This formula has been hugely successful in the mid-west. The sport of Climbing is rapidly changing because the availability of Rock Climbing Gyms continues to skyrocket. Most climbers now do the majority of their climbing indoors, with only small and infrequent trips outside to established areas that are known to be safe. This is a drastic change from just 10 years ago when climbing gyms were extremely uncommon, and established outdoor areas were hard to find. At that time Climbing was fringe sport led by hardcore outdoorsmen who took excessive risk to enjoy the sport. Climbing has become an accessible sport, primarily done indoors, by those who want to be active. This new climber needs clothing that will support this type of hobby. There is currently no other company on the market designing clothing for this function. To date there has not been a single clothing manufacture that focuses on Rock Climbing Clothes that are useful in the gym and outdoors. The current market focuses on Outdoor Clothing, that is acceptable to climb in. There is a huge gap in the climbing apparel industry because of this. We believe we can capitalize on this gap by providing clothing that is designed with the technical requirements specific to Rock Climbing. Our clothing is designed to allow the freedom of movement required in climbing, and be durable enough to withstand a gym workout or weekend outside. We provide odor resistant clothing that is comfortable and soft. This is a huge benefit on weekend trip of camping and climbing. We also provide pants designed for climbing indoors and outside. They have a cinch system that lifts the cuff so footwork is easy. They also have 4 way stretch and pockets that are accessible in the harness among other specialized features. Rock Climbing will be in the Olympics for the first time in 2021. The industry as a whole expects rapid growth because of this. TRAGUR, is a family owned business. We value our customers, and fair business practices. We understand that most climbing gyms are small family owned businesses. They cannot support huge inventory volumes, and need a hands on approach to Pro-shop Sales. We have positioned ourselves to develop this relationship and provide hands on support to our partnering gyms. The climbing community values personal relationships and environmentally friendly products. All of our products are made to be sustainable, and ecologically friendly. We also ensure fair business practices at the manufacturing level.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Prana: Our biggest competitor. The brand is popular in the climbing community. However, they are more of a lifestyle clothing company than a technical gear manufacture. Their clothing is comfortable for movement in activities like yoga, and climbing. However, they do not design clothing with technical features or the durability required for Climbing. Outdoor Research: Outdoor Research is an Outdoor Clothing Company. They design clothing that is wonderful for the outdoors and specifically hiking and camping. However, their clothing lacks the functionality required for climbing. While their clothing is warm and extremely durable, it does not allow the freedom of movement required by climbing clothing. They do not offer features climbers need such as pockets that are accessible while wearing the harness, stretchable fabrics suitable for indoor and outdoor climbing. LuLulemon: LuLulemon is a clothing company that focuses on Yoga wear. They are extremely popular for women in the climbing community. Their clothing is soft and comfortable, but lacks the durability and features required for rock climbing. Many women use this clothing for indoor climbing, but are extremely frustrated with the lack of durability. Tragur was started by rock climbers who wanted clothing that worked for the sport. We are not clothing designers who applied our skills to rock climbing. This means we know first hand what is required for the sport of climbing. We design clothing that meets these needs. The sport of Climbing is changing and we are a part of that change. At TRAGUR we focus on relationships to our customers. We speak to our customer to hear their suggestions and change designs accordingly. We are imbedded in the climbing gyms that retail our apparel. We support their competitions, and demo products in person at these events. This hands-on approach to sales, and customer education had been a key factor in our success. We will continue with formula in the future.

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