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May 18, 2024, 10:56 pm UTC

1212304 | Government Grant Application

S&S Reno Solutions LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 1212304

    Location: tupelo, MS, United States

    Length of Operation: Trying to get going

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    This would be to get us off the ground and our wheels rolling forward. Neither one of us has a large capital backing to actually invest and this is an outreach for help. We are both heavily motivated and will break our backs day in and day out in order to be successful in this business venture and provide a comfortable way of life for our families. These funds would pour directly into our company giving us reliable transportation and up to date tools. In the last month alone I have personally poured several large sums of money into my truck just to keep it going. The company vehicles would do so much more than help us, would quite literally keep us in work and moving forward. We have both worked for separate companies in the past in which our equipment, tools, vehicles, clothing, business cards, insurance, and so on were all provided for us. Being the men that we are we always dreamed of stepping out and developing something of our own, and truly seeing a start from the ground up and making a way and name for ourselves instead of riding the coattails of the ones who came before us. This would be an absolute Godsend for us to be comfortable in starting up and moving forward with our company. Thank you for your time and consideration we would be more than honored to receive this grant, or any if applicable. Sincerely, S&S Reno Solutions

  • Business Plan

    We have already lined up some custom woodwork and in-home renovations. Our goal in the next year is to get enough jobs under our belt to begin expansion and opportunity for other like-minded craftsmen and women. We would like to be a resource for contractors within the next three years to be able to sub-contract our business to their clients in order to know they are in trusted hands with one of a kind craftsmanship that will not be found anywhere else. Within the next five years ideally, we would like to be expanding into the market of helping the elderly pass peacefully in their own homes and not have to be moved to nursing homes. Our plan for this runs side by side with remodels and custom work as well, given we would have to go through their house and expand doorways, safety showers and tubs, elevators, chair ramps, and any other needs they may have to pass in their own homes rather than a foreign place in which they can become easily disturbed and uncomfortable. We would also like to incorporate a service offered through our business for in-home care packages where once a week someone will come by and bring groceries, change a light bulb, or just simply sit and talk if wanted. We have done extensive research in our area as far as the needs of this age group of citizens and their needs. Most of these people can not get on a ladder to clean the gutters or reach the light bulb, and that is where we come in to keep them completely satisfied and happy from the comfort of their own living room. My wife has been working in late-life health facilities for eight years now. Hearing and seeing the heartache of her residents day in and day out simply wish they were at home is gut-wrenching and flat out heartbreaking to hear and witness. These stories are an everyday occurrence, I believe giving these people an option to stay at home and pass in peace would not only touch their souls but ours as well. We are not on a mission to simply grow, expand, and gain capital but in all sincerity to touch the lives and comfort of those through some of their most helpless points of life. Today it is so easy to get caught up in the speed and drive of life that we often do not intentionally neglect our elders, but simply have our own children and lives going to stay on top of as well. I believe that we will succeed, I know that this is a service that would be held in high regards, and greatly utilized. We have even played with the idea of partnering with home health groups to be a totally all-inclusive service of home up-keep and personal well being. This is our heartfelt attempt to make our clients understand that they are priority number one. We are just asking for a chance to get off the ground. Our effort and drive are second to none the will to succeed and create not only a successful business but one that is truly for the people of the communities it will serve leaves us no option but to keep the wheels rolling a strive for success.

  • Self Identified Competition

    This is my favorite and personally most exciting aspect of this business venture, I am unaware of any competitors in Mississippi offering this as a complete package. There are certainly general contractors and remodel crews available. However, none to my knowledge that are wanting to purely target and cater to the elderly in our area that I am aware of and certainly none that are also going to build long-standing relationships with its clients. We would be the only ones stopping by weekly to still come back and service these humans when a lot of the world today has forgotten them. I know that our total eclipse of client comfort and relations, the face we will be offering a full and complete service second to none in our area will not only put us miles ahead of the competition but also leave us in a place of our own as far as community relations are concerned as well. I believe we could eventually present our model to insurance companies that fork out hand over a foot in order to keep their clients in assisted living and nursing homes, upwards of $5,000 dollars a month when we could present a one time home renovation and offer them the comfort they truly desire in their own homes while saving insurance companies thousands upon thousands of dollars in monthly expenditures as well. I have the utmost confidence that this is the solid groundwork of a truly genius model and plan that I have not seen implemented anywhere else.

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