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May 27, 2024, 3:20 am UTC

81-3595668 | Government Grant Application

UNIFY on Fourth | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 81-3595668

    Location: Reno, NV, United States

    Length of Operation: 0 just starting - st

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    I need to remodel the building and get the building up to code. It is a change of use building, thus I need to fix the bathrooms and create the kitchen space. I need to bring pluming into the lounge area, and that has to be done through concrete... All expensive upgrades. The exterior of the building needs work as well, so $25,000 will go quick but will be tremendously helpful to create the vision I have for the community!

  • Business Plan

    I plan on incorporating more health food items, hiring a raw food chef, connecting to other like minded facilities and helping to spread awareness about health, sustainability and community! Growing to where we can host large fund raisers and give money to causes that are truly making a positive impact on our planet! I see the movement going global... it is called UNIFY for a reason, to unite humanity for a greater cause. I also will be implementing a plastic to diesel fuel operation. So years 1-2 will just be getting the business running smoothly and being a hub for forward change - demonstrating how we can choose to live differently, then year 3-5 will be focused on moving completely sustainable - solar electricity, generating biofuel, locally sourced produce etc.... We are amidst a great crisis on this planet! We are socially disconnected, sicker and unhappier then ever, creating obscene amounts of trash/waste every second, and forgetting how to live from our hearts. I want to be the change that I wish to see in this world, and I have the vision to do so!! I have been educating myself in many, many avenues since graduating college and finally everything I have learned can be implemented into one great community space focused on positive, forward change! I am creating a human collective - it is a space where we can all learn from each other and better ourselves and the world around us. It is focused on health, community, and sustainability - being the example of how we can choose to live differently! It will not only help our community connect in socially positive ways, but it will help us all learn other ways of healing the body through nourishing, alive food, herbal tonics, and other healing modalities. We will be hosting workshops for human development (kind of like Ted Talks) and be a space where people can share and create their positive ideas to help improve our town/city/state/country/world! The truth is, if we do not correct our destructive ways now, the planet and our society does not have much longer..... One idea, one example can inspire immense change!! We all have the potential to be the change we wish to see. Most of us just do not know where/or how to start and are in need of some guidance. UNIFY, my collective for forward change will be that beacon of guidance! I just need some capital to help remodel the building, get the equipment and aesthetics in place and get the wheels in motion!!!

  • Self Identified Competition

    I do not really have any competitors in my area. The three I can think of that are kind of similar are: 1. The Generator - a collective space of artists, where they are able to use the space to create whatever they want 2. The studio - a yoga studio that has a tea lounge, and serves elixirs twice a week. 3. Gratefull Gardens - A restaurant focused on local, healthy food. It has raw food deserts and 2 raw food options on the menu. What makes me different from my competitors is I am combining all three of their services into one and offering even more! I will be serving raw, alive foods - focused on healing the body, have a designated elixir bar and lounge area for people to connect and hang out. I will have health and wellness services, where people can learn about their health and ways to improve it. I will have a workshop/event space, where I can rent it out and host amazing speakers and teachers to help share their gifts with the community. I will also have a warehouse space where I will be focusing on the liquid composting, plastic recycling, and other sustainable practices so we can demonstrate to the community that there are other ways to be more sustainable. I will also have an art gallery and creative space.. So really I do not have any competition.....

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