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May 27, 2024, 12:21 am UTC

82-5079082 | Government Grant Application

Empowered Community Living LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 82-5079082

    Location: Palm Bay, FL, United States

    Length of Operation: 10 months

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    We plan on purchasing a Group Home for the developmentally disabled along with a medi transport van and business license of 13 years. The home will need a fire alarm sprinkler system installed which was not previously installed because the business was established before state requirements were imposed. We will also need to secure 60 days of payroll and business expenses for state verification.

  • Business Plan

    Our plan is to open another home for the developmentally disabled with the revenue generated from this home, then open one home every year. In 5 years we should have at least 4 homes open. We should be invested in because in this area (Brevard County, FL) the amount of clients needing housing for the developmentally disabled far exceeds the number of homes and programs available to them. We believe we can tap into this market as well as surrounding counties and establish our brand as a well known outlet for Group Home care as well as individual home care.

  • Self Identified Competition

    There is really no competition in this line of work. Clients are drawn to who provides the best customer service and I believe my company provides that. We are new to the area but we have established ourselves as hands on, face to face, family styled company. We meet our clients and family first hand to establish one on one personal every day care that the family would want for their loved ones and assure them top quality care.

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