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May 19, 2024, 11:03 am UTC

830859347 | Government Grant Application

M and M Towing and Transport LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 830859347

    Location: Charleston, SC, United States

    Length of Operation: 2018 2019 2020

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    Buy new tow 1-2 cars towing trucks to hire a non CDL driver, keep the 2 trucks running local in SC to cover the breaking down cars, and sign up those trucks to insurance apps to boost the business income to cover expenses and stay running all the times. I had an experience with our truck breaking down, it took me almost 6 hours to get it towed, we have a shortage of towing trucks and I think this will help the business stay open, running, generate money, and have 2 more extra employees.

  • Business Plan

    I am hoping and working on growing my logistics business to add more carrier/towing trucks, have full time and part time employees to give more opportunities to employ more drivers, if I get the grant and buy 2 more towing trucks business will not be limited to CDL drivers, with possibility to hire 4 part time drivers to run the 2 new trucks. Business plan is to add 4 more truck in the next 5 years, and 1-2 administration dispatchers who work from home to assign loads to drivers. I was a single mom raising 3 young kids by myself for almost 7 years, I opened the business from scratch by myself without any help, worked hard to learn about all the details to apply and file for everything myself to save every extra penny. I’ve been the dispatcher, and accountant, and planing to launch a program that help others who want to do what I’ve done to save them the mistakes that I did, and time waste. I am hard working, positive, a fighter to achieve my goals, and coronavirus has effected my business in a negative way. I receive calls from drivers interested in joining my business but they don’t have CDL, I think investing in my business will help my business survive AND GROW, and will help other drivers provide for their families. I am very organized, I treat my drivers and anyone I work with with great respect like family, and need this opportunity to keep my business to keep growing.

  • Self Identified Competition

    JG Towing Dooley Towing Jenning’s towing We are prompt, provide customer with best service, and we care about details when we transport an assigned car.

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