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May 27, 2024, 9:53 am UTC

47-3833659 | Government Grant Application

SapiBon Foundation | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 47-3833659

    Location: Neenah, WI, United States

    Length of Operation: 6

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    Children & Youth Outreach $2,100,000.00 Anti-Bullying Programs $980,000.00 Disaster Relief $19,044,050.00 Education Programs $12,860,000.00 Food & Agriculture Programs $15,850,000.00 Health Education Programs $1,740,700.00 Homeless & Housing Programs $18,960,000.00 Immigration Services $1,250,000.00 Job Training Programs $14,410,000.00 Sports Programs $2,470,000.00

  • Business Plan

    SapiBon Foundation, a globally focused humanitarian foundation, is dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender to provide optimum sustainable solution in the following areas: Children & Youth Outreach: The SapiBon Foundation mentors the kids and guides them to self-betterment, continuing education, and provides positive fun activities they otherwise would not have access to. The foundation proactively enters neighborhoods and talks to the kids about staying in school and becoming a quality member of the community. Foundation volunteers and staff educate youth about staying away from drugs, bullying, abuse, etc. Additionally, the foundation organizes field trips and activities for youth such as bowling, swimming, theme parks, and restaurants. The foundation is focused on and dedicated to helping less fortune and at-risk youth. Anti-Bullying Programs: The SapiBon Foundation’s objective is to provide schools effective anti-bullying programs. If they have existing programs, the foundation will subsidize speakers to come in to speak at assemblies. If the school does not have an existing program, the foundation will work with the respective school to craft a program including gathering information, creating curriculum, holding focus groups to create literature, tips for avoiding bullying, what to do in cases of bullying, etc. Disaster Relief: The SapiBon Foundation will provide disaster relief assistance directly to individuals. To efficiently accomplish Disaster Relief, SapiBon Foundation will send trained crews into areas affected by natural and manmade disasters including fire, hurricane, flood, et cetera. As the Disaster Relief effort is a globally focus program, the foundation will work in conjunction with a network of disaster relief nonprofit organizations (e.g., FEMA, Red Cross, local fire departments, and other local agencies to identify individuals who require assistance). The trained crews will be responsible for going into areas damaged by disasters to assist families with immediate needs. Education Programs: The SapiBon Foundation’s Education Programs will operate as after-school programs, with an in-school component consisting of open dialogue and interaction with teachers to be remain current on any “in-classroom” issues. Participating Education Program students will be required to engage in tutoring and homework completion upon arrival at the foundation’s Education Program center(s), to be followed by engagement and completion of SapiBon Foundation supplied curriculum specifically design to help students advance specific skills, prepare for college, and future careers. The foundation will identify professionals working in the computer technology, engineering, and entrepreneurial industries that are available provide open dialogue and introductions with youth about the respective fields, education requirements, earning potential, et cetera. Additionally, the SapiBon Foundation will arrange for students to visit various industries, affording the students the opportunity to learn more about various career choices through speak with professionals in the actual work environment. Moreover, the SapiBon Foundation will provide educational services for adult learners interested in learning to improve reading skills, math skills, GED preparation, and basic computers literacy training. Thus, equipping these individuals with the necessary education and skills to better themselves and by extension, in the community. Food & Agriculture Programs: The SapiBon Foundation will establish food pantries in local communities to provide nutritious foods for in need families. This program is designed to provide enough food to feed a family for an entire week (the number of boxes each family receives is determined by size of family), with continued weekly food supplies as needed. Each food box contains approximately twenty-five pounds of food, consisting of a mixture of necessities, including a loaf of bread, bag of fresh fruits, vegetables, dry foods, and milk. All items are sources locally, with a focus to stimulate the local economies through purchasing fruits and vegetables from local growers, when possible. As part of the Food & Agriculture program, and in furtherance of the focus to source food locally and build sustainable self-sufficiency, the foundation will provide seeds, equipment, training, and assistance to start and maintain agricultural farms in local communities. Health Education Programs: Through public school education, seminars in schools and community centers, marketing and advertising literature, health fairs, children and adult group classes, cooking seminars, and one on one training sessions, the SapiBon Foundation, through a comprehensive approach, will provide the following services: For the Kids – • School education offering FAQ’s about healthy eating habits • Group fitness classes • Activities and games in local parks and school yards • Group Nutritional classes • Kids & parents joint fitness routine development For the Adults – • Nutritional seminars • “Nutritional College” (involves in depth nutritional information & cooking seminars) • Fitness packages of personal training • Adult group classes • Fitness Planning • Jogging programs • Walking programs • Senior programs To effectuate a positive and sustaining change in the fitness of children and their families, the SapiBon Foundation will utilize exercise studios, cardiovascular equipment, free-weights and machine-weights; classroom time, a certified nutritionist, fitness and exercise specialists, and exercise manuals. As funding becomes available, the SapiBon Foundation will commence building clinics and health facilities in communities with need Homeless & Housing Programs: The SapiBon Foundation will operate homeless shelters. With a focus to improve lives, the foundation with provide services to identify individual needs, causes of current situation, and training and assistance to afford residents the ability to become self-sufficient. Included in this “self-sufficient” focus the foundation will provide classes on budgeting, parenting, resume writing, interview preparation skills, et cetera, and access to resources to assist in finding employment, long-term housing, medical care, psychological care, et cetera. Immigration Services: Through the Immigration Services program the SapiBon Foundation works directly with refugees in an effort to help them acclimate to their new country. As most refugees, especially those coming to the United States, lack a comprehensive understanding of the societal rules, law, local idioms, and culture of their new country, the foundation provides one-on-one and group based instruction, counseling, and speakers with shared experiences. Further, the SapiBon Foundation provides classes and assistance to help refudees obtain their residency permits (e.g., Green Card). These classes include preparation for the citizenship test, interview questions, et cetera. Further still, given that many refugees do not speak or read English adequately, the foundation helps refugees set appointment for necessary healthcare, as well as aids in transportation to these healthcare providers. Job Training Programs: The SapiBon Foundation, through job training and placement services, will provide programs designed to equip foundation clients with the necessary skills demanded by employers. This training shall include resume workshops, interview skill workshops, employee engagement workshops, and skill building classes. Once the foundation’s clients have been adequately equipped, the foundation shall, employing the ongoing fostering of relationships with employers to ascertain their current needs and position requirements, connect applicants with employers. To ensure optimum outcomes, the foundation shall proactively liaise with the employers and the client to determine how well the client is working out at the job, and if necessary, provide additional training to the client. Sports Programs: In order to foster team building, peer-groups, and positive recreational opportunities, the SapiBon Foundation has focused on promoting Sports programs for all age groups (i.e., Seniors, Adults, and Youth) through the sponsorship of community teams such as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. In an effort to create an inclusive opportunity, the foundation will ascertain applicable skill levels and match like skill levels together. Moreover, in an effort to ensure sustainability of these community Sports programs, the foundation’s sponsorship is not limited to providing uniforms. Said sponsorship includes covering the cost of facilities for practice, transportation to away games, and coaching staff. We are a humanitarian relief organization with a proven record of utilizing funds to provide the greatest value for those in need.

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