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June 14, 2024, 11:47 am UTC

Clocked Out Candles NV20201899902 | Government Grant Application

Clocked Out Candles | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: NV20201899902

    Location: Henderson, NV, United States

    Length of Operation: < 1

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    I plan on growing this business in the Las Vegas area to be the #1 Luxury candle company. I will expand to guarantee that this business will be successful as it is my personal project. This money will help keep my small business afloat through our starting processes and see that we can continue to grow properly.

  • Business Plan

    I was an executive chef that had moved to Las Vegas before the pandemic happened for work. Shortly after I moved my entire small family from Ohio to Nevada I had lost my job due to the global situation and finding another executive chef position was very difficult with almost none of the Hotels/Restaurants open on the Las Vegas strip. I kept applying and heard nothing back - but I had to continue to grow somehow. My fiance and I had been working on a small business idea that was very much related to cooking (as we are both chefs) and we made it a reality from our home during the global situation. Since then we have started a website ( where we drop-ship our products to anywhere in the U.S., we have become vendors for a major hotel (Hard Rock Lake Tahoe) and do business with them once a month, we are partners with We Are Rituals a local to Vegas interior decorating company. We plan on expanding Clocked Out Candles to become the most luxurious candle (and eventually other related products) company in the Las Vegas area where we will continue to expand on Event centers for weddings and special occasions and other hotel and local business related ventures. Hopefully, within this time frame we will also open a shop where we can do live pours and sell our products on shelves. Because I have a plan. I have a vision of where this company can take my family. Because I have created a unique, organic, sustainable product that fuels back into the economy by using local vendors, businesses, farms and artists in the Las Vegas area. I believe that Clocked Out Candles and products can be in many stores within a few years and a bunch of hard, honest work behind it. I have controlled budgets and costs when I was working in kitchens and I have this product dialed in to make money whether I am selling via or through a wholesale guide. This is also a product that does not expire - time only enhances a candle.

  • Self Identified Competition

    From my research there are a few candle company's (and other related products) here in Vegas that are currently my competition. 1 - Sin City Candle Company --- They sell candles at local markets and sell candles to a couple small businesses in the Summerlin area of Vegas. 2 - Sin City Lights Candle Company --- This is a different candle company than the first and they just started. I see a lot of media presence from them as they are integrated into our marketing bracket on Instagram. I believe that the first 2 companies will find that they will be more in competition with each other based off of their names. 3 - Standley Candle Company --- They are not local candles but they certainly run the industry as the top family owned and operated candles via e-commerce. They have created a very strong media presence on all platforms. Because I was an executive chef for such a long time I believe in creativity and uniqueness. I do not use typical ingredients to craft these candles, I have blended together coconut wax + apricot wax + natural beeswax along side self blended fragrance oils for a truly one - of - a - kind product. Also, I have sourced out local artists for vessels and jars that can not be found elsewhere and do it all at a very competitive price point. I offer collaboration on anything that my business can offer - I did business with local artists Monster Resurrection (a latex and clay art company) where we created candles inspired by 80's horror monsters for Halloween. We stay with trends and seasons and will continue to deliver on our products. I also believe that because of my integration into the hospitality industry I know where this product is necessary and how much I could sell it for in small amounts or bulk amounts at hotels and small businesses.

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