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June 25, 2024, 1:36 am UTC

Divine Path Properties LLC. 85-2751843 | Government Grant Application

Divine Path Properties LLC. | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 85-2751843

    Location: Henderson, NC, United States

    Length of Operation: 0 (new start up bus

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    Funding will be used to assist in the redevelopment of Henderson, North Carolina through real estate by purchasing condemned, inhabitable properties, renovating them, and making them more energy efficient, and suitable to live in by lower to moderate income families. Divine Path Properties can also help lower the crime rates as the standards for the people living in these homes will be raised, stricter policies will be enforced and there will be a zero tolerance for crime at these properties. By doing so, Divine Path Properties can improve the economy by bringing back jobs to a once thriving community that lost several businesses due to an increased crime rate.

  • Business Plan

    Divine Path Properties plans to expand/ grow within the next five years by redeveloping and developing affordable housing through independent contractors, rent the properties for Revenue. Each year the goal is too have at least 5 properties redeveloped and/or developed for habitation and use and within 5 years at least 25 properties with 3-5% of profits being used to reinvest into the business to develop and redevelop more areas of needs in the neighborhood of the city of Henderson. Divine Path Properties LLC is one of a few if any African American founded, real estate business in Vance County that has a business plan to promote economic and social improvement for the lower income in the community. I am a resident of the city of Henderson, I work in Henderson and love my community. According to ACS Henderson, NC populations of African Americans for 2020 is 63.78% and is 28.67% non-minority. Divine Path Properties LLC is determined to purchase and lease majority of the homes in the poverty stricken communities: repair them and make them livable, affordable, improve living conditions, improve energy efficient housing to save our planet, remove inhabitable homes, and purchase remote buildings for investors to start new businesses to help provide more employment opportunities in the communities such as Henderson, NC which has high unemployment rates. With newer homes in these poverty stricken areas, Divine Path Properties LLC could set the standards for the people residing in these newer homes, and drive out various crimes in the city of Henderson stemming from drug use, and illegal activity at these homes. Ultimately, the standard of living would be better for citizens in Henderson, NC and Divine Path Properties LLC could start the positive change needed for a town whose crime infestation has destroyed the real estate , the town, drove away potential investors for new jobs, and the overall reputation of a once small, prosperous town. “With Divine Path Properties LLC we will promote a positive change in the community one neighborhood at a time!”

  • Self Identified Competition

    Rogers Group Property Management , Magnolia Management, and WW Properties and Rentals all own a wide selection of homes in Vance County, North Carolina as well as surrounding counties. Though these companies may be very profitable, they are not using their profit to enhance the homes they own, or the overall community. These companies are widely known for being a major steak holder in the real estate industry for Vance County but not for improving living conditions, improving energy efficient housing, and or making repairs in a timely fashion. Divine Path Properties is different from its competitors because through our projected profitable income we plan to give back to our community in ways which our competitors has not. Our main goal is redevelopment of the Vance County, North Carolina area. To achieve this goal , we are trying to use real estate to improve the general living conditions of lower income families through affordable housing, improve the condition of the city and county, lower crime rates by raising the standards and setting the tone for people staying on our properties , and improve the economy by improving an area that was once thriving but due to lost job, an increased crime rate, and job factories going out of business our lower incomed neighborhoods and communities at the greatest risk for the worse. This company will primarily focused on lower income or undeveloped communities. What makes our company different from our competitors is that we grew up in these ill-desired conditions that we desire to change for the better. Our company is different because it owned by minorities and most of the residents of Henderson are minorities and we understand the culture and background of the community and can reach the community more effectively culturally and socially to be improve economic development in these underdeveloped communities.

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