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June 14, 2024, 11:10 am UTC

Anointed T Shirts LLC 32062605939 | Government Grant Application

Anointed T Shirts LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 32062605939

    Location: Killeen, TX, United States

    Length of Operation: 3 years

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    We need to expand our operation, we would use the funding to turn our garage into our office and purchase more materials to shirt printing designs.

  • Business Plan

    Our goals is to open a few stores around the central Texas are within 5 years, expand our online sales throughout the U.S. We have a unique way of bringing inspirational messages to life through the Word of God. We are faith based, veteran and family owned that is out to send a message of hope in these trying times.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Kerusso is pretty good, I wouldn't consider them our competitors, we are not there yet. Etsy has some good merchandise as well. Christian Apparel Shop. Our designs a mostly based on our lives experiences and how God has been able to help us in times of trouble. This is something that a lot of people today can relate to, on almost all of our designs we give a scripture from where we got our design from.

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