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May 27, 2024, 1:08 am UTC

L19000210852 | Government Grant Application

Patchality Tailors | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: L19000210852

    Location: Bristow, OK, United States

    Length of Operation: 2

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    $10,000 will be spent on Dupont’s Kevlar fabric $12,000 will be spent obtaining the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) inner G product certification for level IIIa ballistic-resistance. The approved testing facility charges over 11k, and requires 55 samples to test for stopping power. The 55 inner G samples will cost roughly 5k to make (half of the Kevlar i’m purchasing). The other half of the kevlar fabric purchased will be used to make another 55 samples for marketing the Kickstarter campaign. $2,000 will be spent on JanSport SuperBreak backpacks $500 on Ottertex canvas fabric $500 on polyethylene foam $5,000 will be used on Facebook and Google ads driving traffic to the Kickstarter campaign.

  • Business Plan

    Year 1 - utilize to launch a campaign pre-selling all of Patchality Tailors’ up-cycle sewing services and our new, exclusive ballistic-resistant product for backpacks, inner G. (trademark pending) Year 2 - reinvest money earned through inner G product sales to migrate into the traditional tailoring industry, capturing sales online while having local tailors/seamstresses complete the sewing service for a nominal transaction fee. Year 3 - expand up-cycle sewing services to include several more popular brands, on top of JanSport backpacks, North Face jackets, Dickies jeans/overalls. Also integrate into the fabric design/printing business Year 4 - create and launch proprietary phone app that works in tandem with Patchality Tailors’ QR code cotton fabrics, allowing people to identify each other through their clothes Year 5 - further research and development of phone app, QR code cotton fabrics, and possibly try to develop a lightweight level III NIJ (National Institute of Justice, rifle grade) ballistic-resistant product. As of now, the weight of rifle-grade ballistic resistance is >5lb, where as inner G weighs <1lb My name is PatchMaster Mike, born in Kansas City Missouri 26 years ago, I'm the founder and CEO of Patchality Tailors. You should invest in me because I will do whatever it takes to make popular the idea that everyone should create the clothing they wear. This has been my mission since accidentally ripping my favorite pants ten years ago as a sophomore in high school and then patching the holes with my grandmother, BB. Together, we inadvertently created Patched Personality Clothing which later, after hundreds of compliments, became Patchality, which became Patchality Tailors, which will soon be selling the nation’s most creative ballistic-resistant product, inner G. (sold exclusively in tandem with our up-cycle sewing service for the popular JanSport SuperBreak school backpack) Invest in me, because my mission to help people create the clothing they wear, has not wavered in 10 years, but has only gathered strength through the realization that having kids create their own backpacks, may just be the technique necessary to sell millions of ballistic-resistant products to children.

  • Self Identified Competition

    AR500 ARMOR - Based out of Phoenix Arizona, this company has trademarked the name “AR500 ARMOR” as this was a commonly searched term in Google, based on the popular AR 500 rifle. Because this is the core of their business, they sell a lot of hard-body plate armor that can withstand rifle ammunition (NIJ level IV). They also sell soft-body level NIJ level IIIa panels like the one that i’ll be selling. On their website, under the “armored backpacks” tab, they sell four different products, hard body armor, soft body armor and two backpack options with minimal color variations. Pricing is between $150-$250 “Their Facebook has over 1.6MM followers, Instagram has 338k followers. SAFE LIFE DEFENSE - Based out of Las Vegas Nevada, this company is trying to capture the body armor vest market, and is selling units anywhere from $150-$600 based on vest / carrier and plates sold to accompany it. When you click on the backpack armor section, there is one product and it’s a NIJ level IIIa soft body armor panel for $99-$150. SPARTAN ARMOR SYSTEMS - Based out of Tuscon Arizona, this company sells a wide variety of ballistic resistant products, like body armor vests, hard armor plates, soft armor panels and even shooting targets. For backpacks, they offer several different armor level types from NIJ level IIIa to level IV, selling panels but only offers one black backpack option, and it’s labeled as a “carrier” for $60. My competitors are product-based revenue businesses. They are focused on selling ballistic resistant products, tactical gear, and even gun accessories in some cases. Patchality Tailors is a sewing service-based revenue business that is on a mission to help people create their own clothing. We will capture the traditional tailoring market, from fixing a loose button to shortening coat jacket sleeves. We will introduce to the market, Patched Personality upcycle sewing services for handpicked garments, starting with a few of PatchMaster Mike’s favorite brands. In conjunction with our upcycle sewing service for the JanSport SuperBreak backpack, we will be offering an exclusive ballistic-resistant product with an outrageously catchy name, inner G. @ @

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