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My InHERitance Ministries LLC 84 5104650 | Government Grant Application

My InHERitance Ministries LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 84 5104650

    Location: Madison, AL, United States

    Length of Operation: 3 years

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    To name a few, an ordained minister, Doctor of Divinity and Honorary Doctor of Humanitarianism would seem to take many years to achieve. Divine favor graced a homeless woman of good faith and her children during a rather traumatizing time in their lives. Matriarch, Dr. Brittany C. Vinson hearts desires are to share God’s Grace & Mercy internationally by exemplifying humanity. The founder/ceo of My InHERitance Ministries LLC, spreads the Gospel and secures one’s salvation. Meeting people where they are, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, visually, and financially. Established in North Alabama, the faith based ministry formalities utilize and facilitate by helping those of all ages and stages. “UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY” is indeed a Heaven Sent Providence. Creating assurance, guidance, structure and stability to overcome every obstacle in life. This formality helps advocate, inspire, empower, motivate, encourage, translate, support and so much more all throughout the world. Implementing a divine connection with international organizations to bring about a change at home & abroad. Once collaborated, each team’s missions are to bring awareness to every aspect in ones life, young and old. Being a voice and resource for every girl, boy, woman and man no matter the circumstance. (August, 2019) "UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY” hosted it’s first annual back to school jam for school age girls. A Friendship and Paint for (grades 4th-7th) and A Pillow Talk Slumber for (grades 8th-12th). The endeavor helped prepare each young lady mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, visually and financially for the new 2019-2020 school year. Unaware it would be a reliable source for an unexpected “Pandemic”..... Dr. Brittany’s faith believes challenging spiritual endeavors will be proven to be very beneficial. Instilling the holy word to the nations and building relationships with God. Assuring those to trust and believe God throughout this pandemic. By focusing on creating a positive and welcoming community who believes no one should ever be left behind. It’s a pleasure to serve than be served. Restoring lives after being traumatized and so much more. -Psalm:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance. (Holy Bible) My InHERitance Ministries LLC where it’s a pleasure to serve than be served. Our duty is to bring the beauty by bringing the inner you out of you. Our mission is to demonstrate as well as facilitate by exemplifying HUMANITY at home and abroad. To deliver ALL necessary RESOURCES and SERVICES in a proper manner, at all times & in all settings. Not only will those in need benefit, we too by serving as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.” (United States Pledge Of Allegiance) We are bringing people to the nation without ANY hesitation. Striving to establish/own a trademark, “GOD”iologist- the study and will of GOD! Providing certification/credentialing to ANY SCHOLAR who meets/passes ALL ACADEMY STANDARDS & MASTER COURSES. “It’s a pleasure to serve than be served” With hopes of some day being gifted, awarded, granted or selected as a recipient for funding will implement additional resources and assistance. Restoring lives after being traumatized and so much more. My InHERitance Ministries LLC •Resources and Services• Food/Clothing banks, medical/dental/vision/hearing & psychology services, domestic violence awareness and workshops, bereavement support for law enforcement family members with the loss of love ones who have lost their life in the line of duty, homeless shelters, PEACE MOVEMENT, daycare/resource centers and equipment/transportations for disabled children, childcare centers, Kids Academy (for untraditional families ) Disabilty act and advocacy centers with legal providers/counselors, BULLYING/SUICIDAL ADVOCACY AGENCIES AND RALLIES, Special Needs Theme parks and jungle gyms, diapers, wipes, bottles, and similac, giveaways, job/car opportunities, toiletries, financial/educational/employee opportunities, gospel ministries, proper etiquette classes, self love, motivational classes, training from regression and preparing for profession. Though it is unimaginable, this is the year where GOD will allow the impossible, unseen, unheard, unexpected, unexplainable to manifest and will get all the glory for blessing those to regain a happily ever after story! Forever grateful we are for such an opportunity to present a cure for our world, HUMANITY! Sincerely and Respectfully, Dr. Brittany C. Vinson Doctor of Divinity/Humanity (ULC, LADIC h.r.) My InHERitance Ministries LLC (256) 335 - 0033 [email protected] [email protected] Certifications/Degrees •Ordained Marriage Minister- (American Marriage Ministries) •Ordained Minister - (Universal Life Church) •Doctor of Divinity- (Universal Life Church)Doctor of Humanitarianism- (Los Angeles Development Church & Institute) •Certified Life Coach- (ACADEMY) •Certified Health Clinician- (Human Trafficking) •Prolific Writer •Author- I Once Was Blind But Now I See "A Sheltered Southern Belle" (memoir) •Ghostwriter •International Orator •Motivational Speaker •Spiritual Advisor/Counselor- (My InHERitance Ministries LLC) •Psychology/Clinician (UDEMY/ACHOLOGY) Neuro Linguistic Practicioner- (UDEMY/ACHOLOGY)

  • Business Plan

    Empowering those who are OVERLOOKED... training ALL from regression and preparing them for profession. Though it seems unimaginable, GOD allows the impossible, unseen, unheard, unexpected and unexplainable to manifest! Want to be a witness to significance and fruition! Join me as we “INHERit” GOD’s blessings to regain a happily ever after story! We’re bringing people to the nation without hesitation. “It’s a pleasure to serve than be served. My duty is to bring the beauty by bringing the inner you out of you. “My InHERitance Ministries LLC, where it's a pleasure to serve than be served! Our mission is to exemplify humanity at home and abroad. Unanticipated transitions can be challenging and ignored by society. Discrimination against families of those who are mentally and physically disabled are not addressed. “The Kharsyn & Kaislee Foundations” objective is to restore, secure and help families with disabilities gain independence. Allowing all persons with disabilities ages 0-adulthood to become homeowners and not victims of unconstitutional behaviors causing our families to be deprived and denied of life, liberty and properties. Due to malicious intent just ten days before Christmas 2019, my children and I are still homeless today. The American with Disabilities Act is not respected or considered and has caused much distress and families to be traumatized. The apartment complex we resided in failed to acknowledge our rights as US citizens and failed to comply with HUD and Fair Housing Center of Northern Alabama. Illegally evicted within 28 days, served with a writ of possessions with excessive force against my children and I. Offering security and independence to disabled families own their own home gives a sense of relief and a peace of mind. I strongly believe our disabled community will result in an act of providence and no longer poverty.” Beneficiaries includes all persons ages 0-adulthood with mentally and physically disabled families and individuals homeowners, disabled veterans and families homeowners , homeless families and individuals, unemployed families and individuals, hospice and palliative families and individuals, terminally ill/survivors families and individuals, senior citizens homeowners, victims of domestic violence and families homeowners, victims of human trafficking homeowners, LGBT/GLBT/Transgender community, halfway houses, college students, community organizations, low and high functioned families and individuals, single mothers/fathers and families homeowners , single individuals, Airbnb, family caregivers, juveniles, rehabilitating families and individuals, 24-hour security, homeowners, rent to own, renter.... Dear Search Committee: I am greatly interested in expanding my education and career path. My desire to partner & being an asset to for all Healthcare Organizations and Hospital Sectors. With my past years of office experience, plus my current knowledge of working in a hospital sector as a Healthcare Administrator, I am confident that I can contribute successfully & to become a great member in any area in any facility. I am looking to broaden my skills focusing on mental health. I am a self-starter, open to learning new things and quick learner. Destined for greatness by exemplifying humanity at home and abroad. A prolific writer, author, ordained minister who is concise, can converse, with structure and organizational skills. I am detail oriented and blessed with a pleasant demeanor, which is highly needed in such a particular field. I am a Certified Life Coach & Certified Dignity Health Clinician that is properly trained to identify victims of human and labor trafficking. Most humbled to be an honored Doctor of Divinity and Humanitarianism. A natural born leader with a duty to bring the inner you out of you. I can attest to my ability to uphold and perform in any position effectively. It’s a pleasure to serve than be served. Bringing people to the nation without any hesitation sincerely in all endeavors. Respectfully, Dr. Brittany C. Vinson- Honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) Doctor of Humanitarianism (h.c.) My InHERitance Ministries LLC 724 Willow Shoals DR SW Madison, Alabama 35756 256-335-0033 drbrittanyc.vinson@outlook

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    •Oprah Winfrey- HUMANITARIAN Net Worth: $2.5 Billion (September 2020) •Ellen DeGeneres- HUMANITARIAN Net Worth: $330 Million (REFERENCE) (September, 2020) •LeBron James - HUMANITARIAN Net Worth: $450 Million (REFERENCE) (September, 2020) I would rather identify each as a colleague. My fellow colleagues inspired me to continue to be better and not bitter. A woman of great faith, I am honored to be a natural born leader. One who can relate and not fake. Exemplifying humanity at home and abroad is what the nation needs. Blessed to be a humble and faithful servant of God almighty! November 13, 1965- Rosa Parks (desegregation) November 13, 2019- Brittany C. Vinson (wrongful eviction) November 14, 1960 - Ruby Bridges (Equal Justice Initiative) November 14, 2019- Kharsyn & Kaislee McCoy (bullied out of their school district) •Brittany C. Vinson - HUMANITARIAN Net Worth: $31.29 (REFERENCE) November 13, 1965 - Rosa Parks November 13, 2019- Brittany C. Vinson November 14, 1960 - Ruby Bridges November 14, 2019- Kharsyn & Kaislee McCoy

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