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June 22, 2024, 9:15 am UTC

VFI Athletics 449732156 | Government Grant Application

VFI Athletics | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 449732156

    Location: Richmond, TX, United States

    Length of Operation: 1.5

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    Expansion to new space 50,000 Annual Flooring, Improvements: 2000 Equipment: 10,000 Employees: 25000 Marketing and Operating Capital: 13000

  • Business Plan

    DONE...Year one: Establish the name and brand as well as Trademark the brand and promote through client experience. Projection...Year two: Promote our online delivery of trainer-led group classes as well as pre-recorded classes, to people that are not yet comfortable returning to a fitness facility. We are also moving forward with our Year 3 goals at this time. Projection: Year three: Establish relationships with local Sports academies as well as middle schools and high schools to offer programming to support current athletic programs in the area. These programs will generate 500 - 600 quarterly per athlete. With our current growth I project 20 Athletes by Spring 2021 which is a revenue increase of 12000. We will also absorb a failing small business in the area which will give us 25 more athletes bringing us to a total projected growth of 27000 by 2nd quarter 2021. Projection...Year four: With revenue now projected at 50000 per quarter we will Establish VFI Athletics as THE premier Sports Performance and Adult Fitness facility in the area and start thinking about expanding into a 2nd location and growing that as well. Projection...Year five: Revenues should now be at 60,000 per quarter making this a 240,00 annual gross revenue venture. This will place VFI Athletics squarely in the sights of franchisees ready for turnkey operations along with our UNIQUE programming and delivery methods which we will train each franchisee on. In the fitness industry, I worked my way from trainer to manager and owner in the span of 5 years. I have a Bacherlors degree in Exercise science and Kinesiology as well as a long list of accomplishments and continued education. Certifications through the National Sports Performance Association as a Sports Nutrition Coach; an Olympic Weightlifting Coach; a Speed and Agility Coach and a Program design specialist. I am currently working to obtain my Master Coach Certification as a Sports Performance Coach. I have owned 2 other businesses but have always been hampered by a lack of knowledge in the industry. This business, plays to my strengths and education as well as my personal enthusiasm. I have managed to keep my business open DURING the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning from the in-person approach to a wholly ONLINE class delivery system. This has resulted in increased revenues and lowered our costs somewhat but we are still looking to the FUTURE for expansion on this concept. I believe that keeping my business running through the miasma of a pandemic show my resilience and ability to run a successful enterprise.

  • Self Identified Competition

    D1 Athletics in Sugarland, Texas. 10 miles away. This is a Professional athletics facility with the proper accreditation and successful coaches that understand the concept. However, since it is a FRANCHISE, location, it suffers from the fact that the MAJORITY of the coaching staff are just personal trainers with no prior sports performance training or certifications. 2) Katy Sports and Fitness in Katy, Texas. 8 miles away. This is a Large facility that promotes Sports performance and Adult fitness training BUT the owner has NO PRIOR experience in the industry as he is a FORMER athlete that inherited the business form his parents. He is struggling to keep his doors open a the moment as he did NOT transition his business during the pandemic shut downs. Memorial Hermann Athletics Katy, Texas. 10 miles away. This facility is State of the Art BUT it has has to LEASE out space as it cannot find its footing. It specializes in athlete rehabilitation and the marketing says the same thing. Recently, probably due to the pandemic, this business has started to try and break into the Sports performance scene so it is FAIRLY new. We are a unique product that is not found in our area. Almost ALL of the programs like ours are based on FORMER athletes that want to make money training but have ZERO experience coaching athletes or adults. We offer a planned out ANNUAL program that takes into account and athlete's or adult's fitness needs, goals and best interests. Our product and approach fills a gap between the regular fitness gyms and the Crossfit type concepts. Our KEY demographics are older adults with the median incomes of 200k annual as well as parents of children 10 to 16 with median incomes of 200k Plus annual. In OUR area which encompasses about a 5 mile radius, a NEW housing development is under construction with homes priced in the low 400's. THIS is EXACTLY that market we NEED to be in to be successful. We also have TWO middle Schools and TWO high Schools as well as 4 Soccer Academies, 2 baseball clubs and a thriving Volleyball community that has just built a NEW indoor PLAYING facility with NO Training program or facility in place. We will be able to service this area as THE only sport performance facility within 10 miles.

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