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May 27, 2024, 12:27 am UTC

32072025276 | Government Grant Application

GIVETH LLC | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 32072025276

    Location: Arlington, TX, United States

    Length of Operation: 1

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    The plan we have for the ten thousand dollars would be to expand the business. The first goal is to add more local products to our inventory so that we can continue to help other small businesses in our community. Secondly, we would like to purchase a cargo trailer to do local "pop up shops."

  • Business Plan

    Giveth has many great plans for its future. As mentioned, we plan to open a "pop up" trailer to sell merchandise locally. We hope to expand our brand into other states as well. Mostly we plan to grow our brand into a house hold name based in Texas. The gift industry is an $18 billion dollar/year industry. We at Giveth believe we can be part of that. We are living in tough times right now; birthdays going uncelebrated, families separated for the holidays, people alone when they need someone the most. Giveth wants to help change that by creating wonderful gifts to be given to loved ones. We are not your traditional "gift basket" company. People can stay safe at home while ordering our products. Giveth products are sealed, gift wrapped with a bow and customized for the occasion. We believe investors should take a look at Giveth because of the change it is making in the way people receive and buy gifts.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Amazon Giveth is different for a few reasons. The first and biggest reason is that our gifts come gift wrapped. Usually when you order a gift from somewhere it comes in a brown box with a gift receipt. Or, maybe it will come in some plastic wrap with ribbon, but not ours. Giveth has luxury and customized, sealed canisters. Secondly, we offer unique gifts that are not found in traditional "gift baskets"

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