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July 21, 2024, 6:47 pm UTC

CDC Enterprise 810978997 | Government Grant Application

CDC Enterprise | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 810978997

    Location: Fortson, GA, United States

    Length of Operation: 4

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    to have the fund to grow my company to do credit rebuild and teach people to build a company the right way also to hire more people on my team and have fund for advance for client that bank said no to that i use i will expand my company to 3 to 4 offices with in 5 year and teach client how to take control of there financial life

  • Business Plan

    I am going to be working one building the trust of my clients to grow my number of clients in the next 2 years. While also adding credit rebuild and have class for people to go to on how to became a small business owner by the 3 year i should also have 2 more office to do credit rebuild and taxes also with account like book keeping and payroll while still in the 3 year i will have a home office that im able to use for my team and be able to teach the class for the people who want to have a business. by the 4 and 5 year i should have my degree in accounting and business management. with in the first two year i will have a employee who has a degree in account making sure all paperwork is in order while im able to keep growing the business. To become a financial solution institution that doesn't take advance of anyone and give them the knowledge i will learn and have learned to better my clients life after everything that has happen with covid The lasted 4 year i have run my office I was working at best buy in sale part time my first year there not even the full 12 mouths i made a million dollar in sale i am also a eagle scout have a degree in welding and joint technology. ive always give 110% of my self in to what i do. I have done taxes for over 10 years the office was handed over to me from my father who was running it in 2016. With covid 19 i have learn so much with the time i had and want to put that knowledge in to action. I know with how long ive had the business that it should not be at the level that it is at and that has to do with the knowledge i didnt know at the time and didnt have the fund to be able to hire more people so i was able to grow the business like a owner should be but i was not able to so i was having to spent my time working the business and not running it and growing it in to a company people can trust and learn while also growing with how long ive been in this kind of work people do not trust tax office anymore so i want to change that ive had the IRS call and thank me for fixing people return because a office near the irs went in and the people working there doing return and things they shouldn't so I had a lot of client come to me and i talked to them told them to get a copy of their return looked at it and fixed it the irs called and thanked me for doing it. If ime able to get any kind of grant or something to be able to fund me I know i can make a business that can help people while covid is still here and for the future to come after covid as well

  • Self Identified Competition

    HR block is one but client tell me they charges to much and so not like their servers and lie about there advance they give its a loan turbo Tax is one as well but a lot of client who come to me do not file the right way and also I'm told the refund amount give them is different from their a unknow company where i am which are called a pop up office for that year they put sign out saying they can get people 8,000 to 9000 and go and lie on peoples returns and take they information and mess that person life up what ive been told by my clients is im honest to them about there taxes i treat them like family i don't lie to them about there taxes but the biggest them that makes me different from my competitors is i want to make sure my clients are take care of and get he maximum refund i can get them the right way and don't over charge i gave free estimate look at pass year return issuer for free and never cheat anyone i earn my clients trust in my office and even in best buy and will give 110% in everything i do while following the eagle scout motto

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