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June 14, 2024, 11:14 am UTC

Empowering Lives 4 Transformation 85-3788937 | Government Grant Application

Empowering Lives 4 Transformation | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: 85-3788937

    Location: tickfaw, LA, United States

    Length of Operation: 3 months

    Number of Employees:

    Annual Gross Income:

    Annual Gross Expense:

    Open to Loans: YES

  • Funding Usage

    Building: $1.8 million 150 -200 Client (services): $ 750,000 1-Chief Executive Officer: $270,660 1-Chief Operating Officer: 197,017.60 1-Executive Assistant: $46,841.60 1-Sr. Admin. Assistant: $37,252.80 1-HR Director : $63,710.40 1-HR Specialist: $39,114.40 1-Admin. Assistants: $36,358.40 3-Outreach Personnel: $137,155.20 1 -IT Personnel: $48,942.40 Events/Increases: $572,947.20

  • Business Plan

    Branching out into more areas to meet the needs of more people. Adding more services to meet the needs of the people we are serving; which will be the tool that will assist us in being of service for those to come. In each of the areas serviced, EL4T will partner with certified counselors to provide counsel self maintenances, life skills, and teaching to set a solid foundation for each individual and family to grow in knowledge and wisdom to become positive citizens. We look forward to providing seminars, conferences and teaching for individuals (at least 10 per year). We will partner with businesses to have job fairs, pantry dispersions, mini pop up shop (flea markets), etc. We are designed to create an atmosphere and environment to be conducive for success for the individuals we service. We are working towards the betterment of society that will be beneficial for all of those who partner with us, as well as, investors. It is our hope to not only prepare those we service with core values and life skills; but, also, to rehabilitate and prepare those we service to enter prestigious college institutions, as well as, lucrative job positions .

  • Self Identified Competition

    Southeast Spouse Abuse Hammond, LA Women Outreach Women Denham Springs, LA Battered Women's Program Gonzales, LA All of these companies provide services which empower battered and abused individuals and their dependent children of all abilities to achieve safe, violence-free lives. The difference between these companies and Empowering Lives 4 Transformation is that, EL4T focuses on the family as a whole and will provide services for everyone who would comply. Also, we will follow up with the family for at least a year and a half. With a mission to empower the lives of women, children and men. determination of this organization to instill into the lives of those we encounter Kingdom life skills that will apply to real world issues and growth. By empowering individuals, it will give them the tools needed to take on a new mindset releasing them from lives of poverty and limitations. EL4T understands the need to rehabilitate individuals, who have depended on the system, and give them the training necessary to give them the enthusiasm to become assets to society. EL4T will partner with pastors and their congregations, social workers, life coaches, judges, police and sheriff’s department to broaden our scope of community outreach and awareness. EL4T intends to serve communities in every capacity to empower the lives of those we serve causing success in everyday life. There are a number of services we want to implement, for example: counseling (domestic & grief), anger management, money management, establish a widow support group, job fairs, provide opportunities for clients to receive their GEDs, partner with Junior and 4 year colleges; in clients opportunities to become competitive in the market place, partner with employers/businesses to give those who have been in the penal system (convicted felons), after rehabilitation, training and guidance the opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. We would, also, organize a food pantry to provide food to clients and those in the communities who are in need. We want to partner with businesses in the communities we serve to provide healthier meals, along with household items. Partner with Barbers, Cosmetologists and Nail Shops that will serve as a mechanism to raise self-esteem; therefore, empowering individuals to become the person they foresee in the near future. EL4T also plans to hold different events, such as: GED graduation, Ministerial Conferences, Motivational Speakers, Pop Up Shops for Vendors ( who will donate by setting up booths), Cancer, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis and ALS walks to raise funds for those battling diseases.

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