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May 27, 2024, 9:46 am UTC

Bodies Done Right | Government Grant Application

Bodies Done Right | Application Preview

  • General Information

    Business Registration Number: Bodies Done Right

    Location: Mayfield Village, OH, United States

    Length of Operation: 6-10

    Number of Employees: 1-10 Employees

    Annual Gross Income: Less than $100k

    Annual Gross Expense: $100k to $250k

    Open to Loans: NO

  • Funding Usage

    We have exhausted the R+D funds that helped us through the discovery and prototype phases of our product development. We are currently starting the minimal viable product (MVP) phase and would use the funds primarily to complete the MVP to get our product generating revenue as soon as possible. Topflight is a San Francisco-based app development agency building our app. The Topflight executive team is led by entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and exited their own companies in the healthcare industry. Additionally, the agency has launched 200+ scalable HIPAA-compliant health apps with 50 million+ users. The cost for Topflight to build our app is $20,000 per month for a quarter-time team. We are also partnering with a CEO from a Cleveland-based web development agency who serves as our fractional CTO/CIO at $1,200 per month. Additionally, we are partnering with a veteran-owned business growth consulting firm that specializes in helping companies navigate the complexities of defense contracting in the military sector. To partner with them costs us (whatever C2G charges you per month). The agency expects the MVP build to take 6 to 12 months to finish. If we continue to use their quarter-time team at $20K per month, that will cost us $120K to $240K. However, they also offer a larger more dedicated team for $80K per month. Having the runway to afford the larger team would allow us to get to market sooner. We will also need funds to bootstrap the initial traction and growth of the application. This includes marketing, sales, customer service, post-launch development support, and our initial cloud infrastructure costs with AWS. We anticipate this taking about a year to build up a large enough customer base where the app's income is self-supporting and able to fund additional R+D to attract an even larger customer base.

  • Business Plan

    Our goal is to capture 1% of the $450 billion US wellness market (source: and generate $8.9 million per month in recurring revenue. We plan to get 3,000 organizations across the United States white-labeling our application to help 2 million Americans. Organizations pay us a monthly $300 fee to license our product customized with their branding. This saves them the 6-to-7-figure capital investment it would normally cost to build something like this to serve their clients. Organizations then pay us a monthly fee of $4 per end user, which they can optionally pass on or markup to their customers. The solution we are building is a HIPPA-compliant B2B2C SaaS application that can be white-labeled by corporate wellness organizations, physical therapists, personal trainers, mental health experts, nutritionists, chiropractors, benefits groups, and other health and wellness specialists. To reach a large number of end users quickly, we are developing our MVP to first target the corporate wellness space. We know this market inside and out and with nearly two decades of experience, we are confident we can capture a small piece of this market. Corporate wellness clients have a large number of end users per organization. This means signing up just one client can lead to a large recurring revenue stream very quickly. For example, imagine a West Coast-based corporate wellness client with a niche stronghold in the tech industry, with clients such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. That one organization would not only pay us $300 per month to white label our app but would also pay us an additional $4 per employee across all of those tech companies that are enrolled. Those three tech giants alone have over half a million employees. Even if only a quarter of their staff is enrolled in a corporate wellness plan, that's $500,000 per month in recurring revenue potential. The corporate wellness market alone serves nearly 65 million employees across the United States (source: A modest goal of capturing just 1% of that market nets us 650,000 end users on our app, or $2.6 million per month in recurring revenue. Secondly, with our experience training elite law enforcement agencies, and by partnering with a veteran-owned business growth agency, we are planning to target defense contracts as well. Our agency partner, Climb 2 Glory, has a proven record of landing these contracts and launching organizations into this space. Additionally, we have been working with notable institutions such as Case Western Reserve, University Hospitals, and Lehigh University that have expressed a great interest in being able to use our product to help with bioengineering research, including a potential collaboration with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to maximize the physiological performance of SOF operators. We have 12 patents and 260 claims backing our innovation. Our vision was ahead of its time when we began working with a small group of investors to create our first iteration a few years ago. While we felt the idea had broader market potential, our investors were all in the physical therapy space and wanted the app to cater only to that market. We parted ways and agreed to allow them to license the app in exchange for a 5% revenue share. This not only demonstrated real-world demand and market validation for the idea but also gave us valuable insight into what we would need to do to serve a larger market. For example, we realized we would need to work with a larger development team with multiple specializations including high availability architecture (to support millions of end users), user experience and design (to make the app not only more visually appealing but also more user-friendly), machine learning and artificial intelligence, 3D animation, wearables and biometric integrations, and big data. Having already learned from these previous iterations and initial mistakes, along with current technology finally in place to match our vision, we are well-positioned to expand our idea into a much broader market. Tackling the $450 billion US wellness market, we blend health expertise with AI to meet the rising demand for personalized wellness, a priority for 88% of Americans (McKinsey Future of Wellness Survey, 2022). Preventable diseases, contributing to $2.5 trillion in lost productivity annually, and the alarming obesity rate set to double by 2030, underscore the urgency for our solution. Our platform features a customizable library of resources, activities, plans, and programs, adaptable to individual needs. We merge human expertise with AI to optimize wellness journeys. Our vision and prototype have drawn interest from the U.S. military and health experts from leading institutions such as USSOCOM, University Hospitals, and Case Western Reserve. Our patented digital avatars offer dynamic, interactive activities with real-time adjustments based on feedback like heart rate and stress levels, ensuring tailored sessions for each client. This “digital cloning” of wellness experts provides round-the-clock guidance that keeps users engaged, informed, and motivated. There is huge potential to make a major impact to benefit our society as a whole. On top of early market validation, proven traction, and major market potential, we are now armed with the perfect team to take us to market. Award-winning, world-renowned performance coach and serial entrepreneur, our founder Bobby Kaleal coaches UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic and numerous elite teams, including the Ohio SPAN SWAT team, the Cleveland Ohio FBI, and the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team. Co-founder Dominic Carbone excels at business planning, operations, and customer service. Having a background in architecture, Dominic knows what it takes to bring big ideas to life. Dominic and Bobby have 50+ years of experience in fitness and corporate wellness. They know how to create champions. They have the drive, grit, and tenacity to succeed even in the face of adversity. The founders are guided by an advisory team that is a diverse mix of doctors, professors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and tech experts. Topflight, the San Francisco-based development agency building our app, has launched 200+ scalable HIPAA-compliant health apps with 50 million+ users. Our fractional CTO/CIO, Jason Ables, is a tech entrepreneur and the CEO of { ethode }, a Cleveland-based company with nearly 15 years of technical leadership, working with all-star clients such as LeBron James and Cisco. Climb2Glory, a veteran-owned agency, helps us navigate the federal marketplace and positions us to attract the attention of the Department of Defense. Their West Point graduate leadership team brings vast experience in the military and Fortune 100 companies. In addition, they have Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified project and program management experience. Our talented team, tenacious grit, proven market validation, and combined expertise in health, wellness, and technology along with 12 patents position us well for market entry.

  • Self Identified Competition

    Volt Athletics ( Train Heroic ( Evolve AI Solutions like Volt and Train Heroic address the need for intuitive tools to help coaches create athletic training programs. While these apps offer a lot of assistance in workouts and exercise programs, that is only one dimension of the overall health and wellness spectrum. Unlike these apps, our application provides health and wellness organizations with tools to help their clients holistically. In other words, it's not enough to do push-ups, burn fat, and build muscle via exercise. Humans are complex and need nutrition, sleep, and mental health plans as well. Our application will allow the planning and tracking of any type of activity, not just workouts. For example, nutrition coaches will be able to create highly customized nutrition plans tailored to an individual's unique dietary needs. They will then be able to track how their nutrition impacts, or is impacted by, other dimensions of an individual's health and wellness profile. A mental health professional, for example, can help someone with depression overcome their disease using an evidence-based approach by tracking the impact of things like daily meditation sessions on an individual's resting heart rate and stress levels over time. This may or may not involve workouts. However, since health and wellness professionals will be able to see a complete spectrum of an individual's wellness journey across all of these dimensions, they can collaborate to see how things like nutritional changes impact endurance, strength, recovery, etc, and how sleep patterns may impact cravings, recovery time, and mental health. This allows professionals to work together with a broader view rather than operating in a silo or vacuum. Evolve AI is spotting a similar need in the market that we are spotting — the need to leverage artificial intelligence to assist individuals on their wellness journey. Like Evolve AI, our product will automatically generate plans and programs to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals. Both applications will allow AI to analyze workouts and make daily micro-adjustments to plans. However, while Evolve has an impressive product and similar AI-backed technology, it falls short in at least three areas when compared to our platform. First, Evolve AI relies too much on artificial intelligence. While AI is great, it is still an emerging technology and far from perfect. That means AI can and does generate incorrect information and, if left unchecked, can have very negative consequences. This is especially true when the information is presented confidently to an unsuspecting person as professional advice. This is known as the "hallucination" problem in artificial intelligence and IBM has an excellent article on that problem here: Unlike Evolve AI, our platform will use supervised machine learning, so there is always a "human in the middle". We combine the real-world expertise of coaches, trainers, and health and wellness experts to always check and certify any plans or adjustments made by artificial intelligence to ensure they are 100% accurate and properly take into account each individual's complete health and wellness profile. Secondly, while Evolve AI goes a step above applications like Volt and Train Heroic to combine both workout data and nutrition data into one application, it is still not a complete and thorough holistic view of health and wellness. Without incorporating tools for mental health, tracking behavioral habits, journaling, ongoing education, assessments across all dimensions, surveys, sleep habits, risk profiles, etc, Evolve AI can only solve a portion of the wider problem. The lack of a holistic health and wellness view also means that artificial intelligence is limited in its ability to generate plans. This is known as "garbage in, garbage out". AI is only as good as the information it's trained on, in other words. For example, what's the use of an AI-generated workout plan that incorporates overhead presses for an individual that fails to take into account a shoulder injury? How helpful is an exercise routine that involves a rower if a person works out from home without access to a rowing machine? Using goals alone with AI is not enough. While high-impact interval training may be an excellent way to burn calories and lose fat, it is not the safest approach for an obese person with a poor heart just starting their wellness journey. Having a human expert paired with each individual is absolutely critical. Lastly, Evolve AI is marketed directly to individuals. While individuals may find it neat to have a computer automatically generate their programs, that approach lacks the critical aspect of accountability. This means it is easier for people to abandon their progress and fall back into the same old habits that led them to seek the app in the first place. Our decades of experience training champions, elite professionals, and everyday Joes and Janes proves that it takes more than just flashy tech and fad approaches to make long-lasting positive changes. To truly help someone, it takes a human expert to get to know each person on a personal level: their goals, their strengths, their weaknesses. By marketing our product to health and wellness experts instead of directly to users, it facilitates the much-needed human-to-human interaction to help experts connect with their clients, streamline communication, track and analyze activities, habits, and biometrics over time, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate analysis and adapt to change. This, in turn, provides the critical component of daily accountability along with encouragement, reminders, training, and assignments. These are all uniquely tailored to help people reach their peak performance potential.

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